Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual

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Holley 2300 Carburetor Manual
Holley 2300 Carburetor Rebuild Manual from a 1962 repair manual.
Holley 2300C, 2300G, 4150C, 4150G, 4150MG, 4160C & 4160 w/mechanical secondaries
1968-69 Corvette Holley Tripple Carburetors
Holley 2300 Chrysler Tripple Carburetors

Holley 2300 Parts

Cleaning - Soak your carburetor parts in a bucket of carburetor cleaner for 24 hours. Any brand will do. Wash all chemical off with hot water and blow out all of the passage ways. Run thin wire through the passage ways to get the ethanol residue out. The cleaner the carburetor, the happier it will be.

To keep your gaskets from sticking spray with silicon spray lubricant.

Holley 2300 Needle & Seat

The Holley 2300 carburetor can use 2 different needle & seats. The needle & seat on the right is referred to as the high performance version. When our carburetor kit includes both versions use the needle & seat that matches your old version.

2300 Float Valve

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