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Holley 1920 Carburetor Catalog

There are several carburetor kits for the Holley 1920. Please be sure to match up your carburetor number with the numbers listed with each kit. Here is where the carburetor number can be found. The complete carburetor number may not be on the carburetor. Example R-4161A. R simply means carburetor, 4161 is the list number and for out purposes is what matter most. A simply means it is an assembly. 1A would mean a modification was made. In general look for the list number. This will usually be 4 numbers.

Holley 1920 Identification

Holley 1920 Carburetor IdentificationHolley 1920
The Holley part number is stamped on the fuel bowl. The complete number like R-3271-A may not actually be on the carburetor. More than likely you will see something like 3271 A. R indicates it is a carburetor part and the A indicates a revision. For our pusposes the important number is the 3271, or the LIST number.

The Holley 1920 carburetor generally used the Nitrophyl type of float and should be replaced anytime you do a carburetor rebuild. The Nitrophyly float tends to absorb fuel over time and can cause the carburetor to flood over. Unfortunately these floats are no longer being produced, but we were able to obtain several of these floats.

Free Holley 1920 Manual - 1968-69
Holley 1920, 1940, 1945, 2210, 2245, 5200, 5210, 5300 Carburetor Manual

Watch a video about troubleshooting the Holley 1920 problems.

Fuel pump pressure: 5 lbs
Idle screw - This screw/spring may work on most 1920's. 80-87 + 66-52
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