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    Ford 4-Barrel Carburetor

    The Ford 4 barrel carburetor has two main assemblies; the air horn and the main body.

    The air horn assembly, which serves as the main body cover, contains the choke plate, the hot idle compensator, the vents for the fuel bowls, the secondary throttle control vacuum tube, and the automatic choke clean air pick-up tube. A rubber hose and steel tube connects the clean air pick-up tube to the automatic choke heat chamber in the right exhaust manifold.

    The primary and secondary throttle plates, the accelerator pump assemble, the power valve assembly, the secondary operating diaphragm assembly, and the fuel bowls are in the main body. The automatic choke housing is attached to the main body.

    The two primary (front) barrels each contain a main and booster venturi, main fuel discharge, accelerating pump discharge, idle fuel discharge, and a primary throttle plate.

    The two secondary (rear) barrels each have a main and booster venturi, idle fuel discharge, secondary main fuel discharge, and a vacuum-operated throttle plate.
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  • 7200VV 2 Barrel 7200VV 2 Barrel
    Motorcraft 7200 VV carburetor kits and other parts related to the 7200 carburetor.
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