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Ford 2150 Replacement Carburetor - N302
Ford 2150 Replacement Carburetor - N302

Ford 2150 Replacement Carburetor - N302

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1974 and later, 302" or smaller engines
Part Number: N302
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New 2150. Fits ONLY the 2150 type manifolds. Good for 302, or smaller engines, 1964-78. This will not work correctly on larger engines, even with larger jets because the venturi size limits the carburetor.

This is not a universal carburetor. It is jetted and has a venturi for a 302 engine.
We have customers that have used this carburetor on a Jeep 360 and Ford 351, but we can't guarantee full performance.

Mounting Gasket
Air Cleaner Gasket
.049 Jets 
1.08 Venturi
Inlet fuel filter
Throttle bore = 1.55"

Works on automatic transmission applications.

Please be sure to install the new fuel filter, warranty does not cover dirty fuel systems. 

20% restocking fee.
Not returnable once fuel has been run through it.
Returns for warranty work with dirt in the carburetor will be rejected.
Tampering, or opening of the float bowl cover voids any warranty.

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