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The instructions are a bit ambiguous on how to measure the float. The early type float and late type float are measured differently. Our problem is we don't know what the difference is. We assume we are selling the late type of float seeing the instructions were done in the 60's & 70's.

YF Carburetor Kit

Bottom line is whichever one you use the float will be almost level when done.

Late 70's Nitrophyl Float Level
YFA Float Level

Vehicle Doesn't Run

Adding gas to the bore will get the engine running, but dies.

Obviously the carburetor isn't getting gas.

  • Check the float drop. If the float isn't dropping, then the needle will not be pulled out of the seat and the float bowl will not fill up.
  • Look at the tip of the needle. If any pressure was put on the needle when adjusting the float, then the needle may be damaged not allowing it to open.
  • Test the fuel pump pressure. 4-5 lbs should do it.
  • Did you replace the fuel filter(s).
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