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Carter UTFerguson Tractor
(997S-2709S) - TO-30 Tractor

(2223S-2402S - TO-35 Tractor

A-HO-60 Stationary Power Plant

Carburetor numbers: 997S, 2223S, 2402S, 2709S
Ferguson Tractor
Flange Size: 1"
Throttle Bore: 997S-2709S: 1 1/16" / 2223S-2402S 1 3/16"
Main Venturi: 997S-2709S: 23/32" / 2223S-2402S 13/16"

Float Setting: 997S, 2709S - 17/64", 2223S, 2402S 11/64"
Float adjustment: With throttle body inverted and gasket removed, there should be (the clearance indicated above) between machined surface of throttle body and seam of float. Measure both sides and make them the same.
UT Float Setting

Idle Adjustment: Set throttle lever adjusting screw until motor runs approximately 400 RPM. Then set idle adjustment screw for highest steady vacuum gauge reading or smoothest engine operation. Correct setting will be found between 1/4 to 1 1/2 turns open.

High Speed Adjustment: With hand throttle wide open and engine operating 2000 RPM (governed speed), adjust high speed adjusting needle until smoothest engine operation is obtained. This setting will be found between 3/4 to 1 1/2 turns open.

Exploded View
1-979SThrottle body assembly (997S)37-61SHigh speed adjusting needle assembly
1-1242SThrottle body assmelby (2223S)39-10Throttle and choke valve attaching screw
1A-48Flange Gasket47-26Welch plug
2-154Throttle valve58-79Venturi
3-805SThrottle shaft and lever assembly61-84Idle adjustment screw spring
7-175SChoke valve assembly61-481Choke lever spring
11-236SLow speed jet61-492Float lever bracket spring
11B-79Rivet plug101-160SBody attaching screw and washer assembly
11B-108Idle port rivet plug101-340Throttle adjusting screw
11B-194Bowl drain plug120-188Metering jet 997S, 2709S
12-366SNozzle assembly120-208Metering jet 2223S, 2402S
14-447SChoke shaft & level assembly121-228Body gasket
15A-13High speed needle packing nut121-230Body gasket
20-22Nozzle gasket136-32High speed adjusting screw washer
20-123Needle seat gasket136-131Air horn, choke and throttle shaft dust seal retainer
21-149SFloat and lever136-181High speed adjusting screw washer
24-15Float lever pin156-93SElbow and strainer assembly
163-21Choke and throttle shaft dust seal
163-62Air horn seal
163-63Main metering screw packing
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