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Ethanol Defense  ED16
Ethanol Defense Additive

Ethanol Defense ED16

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Ethanol Defense
Part Number: ED16
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Ethanol Defense combines proven combustion improvement, detergency and alcohol-free ethanol protection with the best professional-strength water-absorbing power for the ultimate in performance enhancement and protection from the effects of ethanol. 

 16oz bottle treats up to 160 gallons. 

 Benefits of Using Ethanol Defense
  • Provides commercial-grade water control to fight water absorption by ethanol.
  • Protects against ethanol damage - protects rubber and plastic parts.
  • Removes carbon deposits, gum and varnishes, especially those deposited by ethanol solvency.
  • Lubricates upper cylinder areas.
  • Works for carburetor systems as well as injector systems.
  • Works on all small gasoline engines.
ETHANOL DEFENSE is the best multi-function defense against ethanol problems on the market today, with commercial-grade strength to address all fuel-related problems in gasoline engines, including those caused by ethanol.
Ethanol Defense

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