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Our Edelbrock kit includes filter screens for each of the needle & seat assemblies.

Edelbrock Carburetor

Our kit also includes a screen filter for the inlet. If you use the inlet filter, the screen for the seat cannot be used. Hopefully you have an in-line fuel filter anyhow.

Watch a video about adjusting the Edelbrock 4 barrel carburetor float.

At part throttle your vehicle is surging (rpm is going up & down like a yoyo)

Don't blame the carburetor right away. Especially if you had this problem before rebuilding, or replacing the carburetor.
Chance are it's the timing, or the vent to the gas tank. Make sure the vent is clear. In some cases there may be a check valve in the vent line.

Throttle bushings required for the primary shaft: 22-172

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