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Your Thermoquad TQ dies when hot and comes to a stop.

The Carter Thermalquad was Carter's answer for Rochester's Quadrajet. The thermal plastic main body stopped percolation, but preformed like a Quadrajet. The problem was the Plastic main body cracked because the long screws that held the Air Horn and Throttle Body (through the main body) caused it to crack when tightened incorrectly. They used an Epoxy to hold the plastic main well caps to the plastic main body and it held up.

Carter Tech line said to replace the Main body on each overhaul and bodies were available for about 45 bucks then, but no longer! They would leak fuel into the intake manifold, raw fuel smell, hard hot start, idle rough, die at stops.
Some other possibilities:

  • A damaged air horn gasket
  • High float level (heavy floats or incorrect adjustment)
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