Carter WD0 2 Barrel Carburetor 440S
1939 Buick Model 40
Carter WD0
Carter WD0 440S Carbuetor Kit
Carburetor Specifications
Dimensions: Flange size: 1" dual, 3 bolt type
Primary venturi: 11/32"
Secondary venturi: 21/32"
Main venturi: 1 1/16" ID
Float level: Distance from float to bowl cover to be 3/16" when needle is seated.
Outside vent: No. 10 drill
Anti percolation vent tube: Above nozzle, 20 deg tip. Inside diameter No. 42 drill. Relation tip of tube to inside primary venturi .065"
Gas line connection: 5/16" fitting
Low speed jet tube:
Jet size No. 70 drill
Bypass (plug) No. 55 drill
Economizer in body No. 58 drill
Idle bleed No. 56 drill
Idle ports: Upper port, slot type, length .1" width .030"
Top of port .060" to .066" above upper edge of valve.
Lower port size .0615" to .0655" diameter.
Idle adjustment screw: 1/2 - 1 1/4 turns open. For richer mixture turn screw out.
Main nozzle: In primary venturi angle 45 deg. Discharge jets size: upper hole No. 75 drill, Lower hole No.52 drill
Metering Rod: Economy step, .063" diameter; second step tapers to .059" diameter; third step .059" diameter; power step .055" diameter. Length of rod, 2.922"
Main jet: .082"
Metering rod setting: 2.280"
Adjustment should be made when reassembling carburetor or when leaner than standard rods are installed. Do not disturb the pump adjustment.
Accelerating pump: Discharge jet size No. 74 drill
Intake ball check No. 40 drill (in body)
Discharge ball check No.50 drill (in body)
Relief passage to outside, No. 42 drill
Pump adjustment: 21/64" plnger travel (in center of medium stroke)
With pump connector link in medium stroke and throttle adjustment screw backed out, pump plunger should travel 21/64" from closed to wide open position. Adjustment can be made by bending hrottle connector rod at lower angle.
Starter switch: Connect the red (hot) wire to switch terminal closest to motor.
Unloader adjustment: with throttle wide open, distance between upper edge of choke valve and inner wall of air horn should be 3/16". Adjust by bending lip on fast idle connector link. With throttle wide open, push choker valve open. Choke should lock in wide oopen position. If it does not lock, recheck unloader adjustment. Closing the throttle will release choker valve. Choker trip lever is notched out for this setting.
Fast idle adjustment: Hold choker valve tightly closed and adjust fast idle arm srew to give .018" opening between edge of throtle valve and bore of carburetor, size opposite port.
Carter WD0
1-226sBody flange assembly63-45Ball retainer ring
2-89Throttle valve64-57sPlunger and rod assembly
3-333sThrottle shaft and lever assembly75-371Metering rod - std (.063"-.063" to .059" - .055")
4-327sThrottle lever assembly (loose)75-397Metering rod 1 size lean (.064"-.-64" to .060"-.056")
6-286Air horn86-9Bowl cover attaching screw lock washer
6-309sAir horn and climatic control asembly86-12Flange stud lock washer
7-90Choker valve (superseded by 7-113)86-17Air horn attaching screw lock washer
7-113Choker valve86-37Switch terminal lock washer
11-163sLow speed jet assembly No. 70 drill101-10Wire clamp screw
11B-26Rivet plug101-61Bowl cover attaching screw
11B-41Rivet plug101-65Thermostat housing and trip lever attaching screew
11B-79Rivet plug101-68Body flange attaching screw
11B-108Idle port rivet plug101-69Throttle centering screw
11B-126Nozzle passage plug101-70Fast idle arm attaching screw
11B-134Rivet plug101-72Air horn attaching screw
11B-135Bypass bleeder screw plug101-74Throttle shaft arm attaching screw
11B-137Ball retainer plug101-109Switch terminal screw
11B-141Nozzle retainer plug101-112Terminal cap attaching screw
11B-146Pump jet passage plug101-115Fast idle adjustment screw
12-250Nozzle101-121Throttle lever adjustment screw
14-219Choker trip lever101-124Body flange attaching screw
14-225sChoker piston lever, link and shaft assembly105-11Tube clamp screw
14-249Choker trip lever105A-8Tube clamp nut
15-35sStrainer nut and gasket assembly111-32sMetering rod arm and screw assembly
20-22Needle seat gasket114-34sThrottle shaft arm and pin assembly
20-35Bowl strainer gasket115-54Throttle connector rod
20-45Nozzle gasket116-13Pump check ball
20-54Metering rod jet gasket116-19Switch ball
20-55Idle passage gasket117-47Fast idle connector link
21-64sFloat and lever assembly117-58Pump arm link
24-24Float lever pin118-33Dust cover
25-80sNeedle and seat assembly120-65sMetering rod jet and gasket assembly (..082")
30-14Bowl cover strainer gauze121-43Body flange gasket
30-23Piston housing strainer121-61Air horn gasket
30-34Pump strainer121-63Bowl cover gasket
30-36Switch strainer129-12Metering rod disk
30A-41Idle adjustment screw136-34Choke shaft washer
39-10Valve attaching screw136-38Throttle shaft washer
48-74Pump jet (No. 74 drill)136-53Return spring washer
49-117Switch plunger146-74Bowl cover
53A-163sPump arm and collar assembly146-79sBowl cover and strainer
53A-164sPump operaing lever and contershaft assembly150-62Piston pin
53A-178sFast idle arm, pin and screw assembly150-81Metering rod pin
61-57Adjustment screw lock spring150A-10Pin spring
61-120Metering rod spring150A-14Pin spring
61-123Connector link spring153-11Switch contact spring shim .018"
61-128Connector rod spring160-35Choke piston
61-133Fast idle arm spring160-58sVacuum piston and link assembly
61-169Pump arm spring170F23sThermostatic coil and housing assembly
61-171Pump spring172-12Hold down clip (terminal cap)
61-176Vacuum piston spring172-13Cable clip
61-194Switch contact spring181-21sFast idle cam and collar assembly
61-195Switch return spring181-64Guide block switch
62-99sTube clamp assembly184-20sTerminal cap assembly
63-33Housing retainer192-10UCarter starter unit
63-35Spring retainer
63-43Switch strainer retainer ring
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