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Carter WCD Carburetor Rebuild Kit - K357
Carter WCD Carburetor Rebuild Kit - K357

Carter WCD Carburetor Rebuild Kit - K357

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BUICK 1941-49 Carter WCD Rebuild Kit
Part Number: K357
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  • Accelerator pump w/leather cup
  • Float bowl gasket
  • Throttle body gasket
  • Metering rod cover gasket
  • Needle & seat
  • Flange (mounting) gasket
  • Pump stem length = 1.28"

Carter WCD rebuild kit, made in the USA from high quality ethanol ready parts. Everything shown in the photo is included in the kit, additional parts may be purchased by choosing your carburetor type in our main catalog. For additional help including rebuild videos, free manuals, and troubleshooting, please see our technical section

For additional information see related tabs above.

To confirm this kit matches your carburetor number refer to the application/carb tab. To make sure you get the correct carburetor kit, please match your carburetor number with the list provided. This kit is good for the carburetor numbers listed only. No return on opened kits.

Watch a video about this carburetor kit:

Float Valve (needle & seat)
Assembly includes 3 gaskets
  1. Carter Applications - use 3 gaskets
  2. All Others - use 1 or 2 gaskets

Remove or add gaskets to get the float to close to level. You will still need to set the float level.

Accelerator Pump - Apply 2 drops of oil to the leather cup before installing. Polish the pump well with 2000 + grit to clean off any scale.

Cleaning - Use thin wire to clean out all small passages, especially around the main discharge and venturi.


The vacuum piston has a tendency to get frozen in the well. Keep this in mind when taking the top off. Don't force anything.
Soak the carburetor parts overnight in a bucket of carburetor cleaner (any brand will do)
Wash all chemicals off of the carburetor with hot water.
Run thin wire down all of the small passage ways. Ethanol leaves deposits behind that the cleaner won't get out.
Polish the pump well so that the accelerator pump glides freely.
Apply a few drops of oil to the leather cup of the accelerator pump before installing.
Use silicon spray lubricant on the gaskets. This will keep them from sticking.
Make sure the vacuum piston is clean and moves freely. Clean, clean, clean.

487S, 487SA
40, 50


For the purpose of this kit, S, SA, SD are treated the same.

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