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Free Carter RBS Manual - 1968-69

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Carter RBS Carburetor



Fuel Inlet Circuit

The fuel bowl vapor vents in this carburetor are lo­cated within the air horn. This venting is designed to provide rapid vapor dissipation for best performance under idle and hot start conditions

Carter RBS Carburetor


Main Fuel Circuit

The main fuel metering system incorporates a dia­phragm controlled step-up type metering rod. This rod is used to correlate fuel supply to demand


Carter RBS Carburetor

Accelerator Pump Circuit

The accelerator pump located inside the fuel bowl is spring actuated for positive full discharge. On closed throttle operation, the pump is raised up against spring pressure causing fuel to flow up past the intake disc. On acceleration the pump is released and the spring drives the plunger down forcing fuel up past the discharge needle and out the discharge jet. The Model RBS carburetor incorporates a combination vacuum piston and bi-metal spring to operate the automa­tic choke. On most installations the mechanical dashpot assembly is used to control the closing rate of the throttle plate upon deceleration. Some units are equipped with an electric solenoid actuated throttle positioner. This positioner is designed primarily to eliminate the problem of dieseling after engine shut down.

Carter RBS Rebuild Video

Part 1 Dis Assembly

Part 2 Assembly

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