Carter Brass Bowl Carburetor
Nash 6 1930-1931
Carburetors 147S, 147SA

Brass Bowl Carburetor
Carter Brass Bowl
Flange Size: 1 1/8", Main venturi 1 1/32" ID
Upper Well: Depth from stand pipe seat, 1/4"
Lower Well: 7/16" ID
Float Level: Top of float to be 11/16" from machined surface of casting at point opposite needle, with needle seated.
Inside Vent: No. 50 drill.
Gasoline Intake: Square vertical needle. No. 48 hole in needle seat.
Gas Line Connection: 1/4"
Low Speed Jet Tube: Jet, No. 66 drill, Bypass No. 56 drill, Economizer, No. 55 drill.
Idle Port: Length .176", Width: .040". Opening above valve with valve closed tight: .048" to .052"
By Pass: under idle port No. 55 drill.
Set Idle Adjustment Screw: 1/2 to 1 turn open. For richer mixture, turn screw in. Do not idle engine below 300 RPM when adjusting screw.
Main Sell Jet No. 56 drill.
Multiple Jet Nozzle: Vertical jet, No. 48 drill. Top I.D. No. 26 drill size.
Accelerating Jets (Combination No. 82):
2 No. 52, 5/8" from top.
2 No. 53, 3/4" from top.
2 No. 69, 15/16" from top.
2 No. 53, 1 1/8" from top.
2 No. 47, 1 3/8" from top.
Metering Rod: Diameter top, .066"; bottom .051"; length 4 57/64".
Standpipe: Flare top 7/16" ID with 5/16" venturi. One No. 46 air hole in base. Two air slots .250" - .254" high by .380" - .385" wide.
Accelerating Pump: Delayed action type: Discharge jet, No. 74 drill; Feed to ball check, No. 45 drill. Connect plunger shaft to give longest stroke for winter driving, using shorter stroke for normal or hot weather.

Viewing Carburetor From Side Opposite Air Intake
Choker (compensating cone type): In venturi, lever at right. When open points down.
Throttle Lever: 1 1/4" long at left side. In center of travel points up.
Tube Clamp: On air intake.
Float LevelSetting Float Level

Carburetor Adjustments

If carburetor loads up after considerable service, float level should be checked. Wear on lip of float level should be checked. Wear on lip of float lever will raise float level. Bending lip of float lever down will raise float level; bending lever up will lower float level. Only a slight bend is needed.

If motor stalls while idling, reset idle adjustment screw and throttle valve adjusting screw. If these adjustments do not correct the trouble, remove low speed jet tube and clean thoroughly with compressed air. Examine soldered joint in tube for air leaks and see that tube seats air tight in body casting, top and bottom. If not, replace with a new tube of identical specifications. Never change a low speed jet tube from one carburetor to another.

Increased resistance on foot throttle indicates a clogged pump jet. Pump jet should be removed and cleaned with compressed air, which, in many cases, will remove the dirt or lint. All jets and ball checks must be seated gasoline tight.

Poor acceleration may be due to damaged or worn plunger leather in accelerating pump, corrosion in pump cylinder, loose or cracked cylinder, cracked plunger or bent pump arm.

Pump stroke is adjustable for high or low temperatures. Set plunger pin in hole to give longest stroke for cold weather. Set pin in hole giving shorter stroke for hot weather driving.
Brass Bowl Exploded View
2-39sThrottle valve, bracket and rod assembly52-10Connector sleeve
3-91sThrottle shaft and lever assembly53-37sPump cylinder assembly
4A-7Throttle shaft dog53A-33sPump arm assembly
11-90sLow speed jet tube, size No. 6653A-22sVenturi choke cone assembly
11B-12Rivet plug58B-15Venturi choke arm
11B-16Passage plug61-23Plunge spring
12-144Multiple jet nozzle, size vertical No. 4861-28Standpipe spring
14-92sChoker shaft and lever assembly61-30Choker spring
15-27sBody and bowl nut assembly62-13sTube clamp assembly
20-10Bowl gasket64-21Plunger leather
20-22Needle seat gasket80-23sBall check housing assembly
21-29sFloat and lever assembly86-10Tube clamp lock washer
23-20Bowl86-11Body flange lock washer
23A-14Bowl ring gasket87-19sPump boot assembly
24-14Float lever pin100-16Throttle lever adjusting screw
25-33sNeedle & seat assembly101-6Tube clamp attaching screw
30-16Ball check strainer101-10Wire clamp screw
30A-28Idle adjustment screw101-12Tube clamp attaching screw
36-11Adjustment screw spring101-17Pump arm clamp screw
38-44sStandpipe assembly101-18Body flange screw
39-10Throttle valve screw105-8Tube clamp bolt
43-29sWell jet assembly size No. 57 1 size lean105A-8Tube clamp nut
43-35sWell jet assembly size No 58 2 sizes lean106-15Choker shaft cotter pin
43-43sWell jet assembly size No. 56 (std)116-12Pump jet ball
43B-10Well jet gasket136-12Choke plate washer
48-21Pump jet housing150-13Plunger pin
48-26sPump jet assembly, size No. 74150-14Plunger shaft pin
48B-15Pump jet plug, size No. 74150-15Connector rod sleeve pin
49-17Connector rod150A-10Pin spring
49-46sPlunger assembly156-10Gas line elbow
49-73sPump assmbly
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