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Carter B&B (Ball & Ball) Carburetor Balance Tube
303S, 304S, 320s

Carter B&B Ball & Ball

These carburetors have the same general construction as other BB downdraft carburetors except that a balance tube has been added to these models. This tube connects through suitable drilled passages with the float bowl.

The balance tube is located in the air horn in such a way that the tube is outside the choke valve when the valve is closed. During periods of choking, the balance tube acts as an outside vent to the float bowl, permitting a normal flow of fuel through the main nozzle.

When the choke has been moved to the open position the rush of air past the end of the balance tube tends to draw air from the float bowl causing a slight vacuum which retards flow of fuel to the nozzle.

The object of a balanced carburteor is to provide a constant air fuel ratio regardless of type, size, or condition of the air cleaner.

Should the air cleaner element become clogged, the capacity will be reduced but the air fuel mixture ratio will not be changed.

When rebuilding, or cleaning your carburetor check to make sure the balance tube is clean and not clogged with anything.
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1933 Dodge Trucks
C6A2, C6A3, C6A4, CTA, CTA4, CTB, CTB4, ETB, ETB4
1934 Dodge Truck
1935 De Soto SF, SG
1935 Dodge Truck
B6E1, B6E2, CTD2, ETF2
1936-37 Mack Jr. Trucks
303S, 304S
1937 Mack Truck EJ

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