The AVS carburetor is often mistaken for an AFB carburetor. The AVS will not have secondary boosters and there will be a spring loaded air valve located on the top of the sceondary air horn. The AVS also uses a metering rod cover that is not flat like the AFB.AVS

Find parts for the Carter AVS carburetor .

1968 Chrysler products carburetor kit .
1969-71 Chrysler products carburetor kit .
1966 Chevrolet & marine carburetor kit .

Carburetor Identification

AVS Carburetor










Venturi Vent Sleeve

These are used to keep the dust out of the venturi. They should be there but are often missing. See #36.

AVS Technical

Venturi Vent Sleeve


 Some AVS carburetors use one idle mixture screw. There are plugs where you normally see idle mixture screws. Do not remove these.


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