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Carter AFB WCFB Accelerator Pump - 3/4
Carter AFB WCFB Accelerator Pump - 3/4" Leather - AP213

Carter AFB WCFB Accelerator Pump - 3/4" Leather - AP213

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3/4" x 2.250 Leather
Part Number: AP213
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Ethanol resistant. Carter AFB and some WCFB carburetor accelerator pump with leather cup. Made in USA. The delayer spring (over the pump) is included as pictured. The AFB and WCFB, 4 barrel carburetor used several different accelerator pumps, some with leather cups and some with rubber cups.

3/4" x 2.250"

To get the correct pump you should 1st try to match your carburetor number with the list provided. If for some reason you don't have the carburetor number, then you will need to match the measurements. Most of our pumps have a defined overall length in decimal form. Use an outside caliper to measure your old pump. The accelertor cup size is measured in inches.

Apply a few drops of oil on the leather cup before installing.

3705S, 3705SA
3853S, 3853SA
3854S, 3854SA
3861S, 3861SA
3980S, 3980SA
4119S, 4119SA
4121S, 4121SA
4122S, 4122SA
4132S, 4132SA
4136S, 4136SA
4294S, 4294SA
4304S, 4304SA
4305S, 4305SA
4309S, 4309SA
4311S, 4311SA
4312S, 4312SA
4326S, 4326SA
4327S, 4327SA
4328S, 4328SA
4329S, 4329SA
6130S, 6130SA
6212S, 6212SA
9263S, 9263SA
9264S, 9264SA

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