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Carter 4 Barrel Accelerator Pump 11/16 Leather - AP105
Carter 4 Barrel Accelerator Pump 11/16 Leather - AP105

Carter 4 Barrel Accelerator Pump 11/16 Leather - AP105

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11/16 x 2.365 Leather
Part Number: AP105
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APCarter WCFB, 4 barrel carburetor accelerator pump. Leather cup. 11/16" diameter x 2.365 overall length. Does not include the delayer spring or retainer. New, currently being produced.

While the photo with the measurements illustrates a spring, it is not included.

Run a blunt object around the inside of the leather cup to break any sealer.

Put a few drops of oil on the leather cup before installing.

The cup is resistant to ethanol, but not resistant from drying out, or from water.
2506S, 2506SA
2507S, 2507SA
2625S, 2625SA
2740S, 2740SA
2751S, 2751SA
2767S, 2767SA
2768S, 2768SA
2789S, 2789SA
2799S, 2799SA
2800S, 2800SA
2819S, 2819SA
2820S, 2820SA
2840S, 2840SA
2859S, 2859SA
2877S, 2877SA
2897S, 2897SA
2906S, 2906SA
2955S, 2955SA
2975S, 2975SA
2976S, 2976SA
2981S, 2981SA
2982S, 2982SA
3010S, 3010SA
3012S, 3012SA
3041S, 3041SA
3088S, 3088SA
3089S, 3089SA
3221S, 3221SA
3258S, 3258SA
3259S, 3259SA
3266S, 3266SA
3269S, 3269SA
3270S, 3270SA
3297S, 3297SA
3298S, 3298SA
3310S, 3310SA
3345S, 3345SA
3361S (F)
3361S, 3361SA
3362S, 3362SA
3452S, 3452SA
3460S, 3460SA
3461S, 3461SA
3481S, 3481SA
3499S, 3499SA
3503S, 3503SA
3506S, 3506SA
3540S, 3540SA
3578S, 3578SA
3579S, 3579SA
3589S, 3589SA
3593S, 3293SA
3593S, 3593SA
3633S, 3633SA
3634S, 3634SA
3635S, 3635SA
3645S, 3645SA
3645SA, 3645S
3646S, 3646SA
3660S, 3660SA
3665S, 3665SA
3720S, 3720SA
3721S, 3721SA
3721S, 3721SA, 3721SB
3726S, 3726SA
3783S, 3783SA
3804S, 3804SA
3808S, 3808SA
3826S, 3826SA
3827S, 3827SA
3921S, 3921SA
3922S, 3922SA
3923S, 3923SA
3924S, 3924SA
3925S, 3925SA
3963S, 3963SA
4030S, 4030SA
4033S, 4033SA
4034S, 4034SA
4035S, 4035SA
4037S, 4037SA
4041S, 4041SA
4050S, 4050SA
4053S, 4053SA
4054S, 4054SA
4055S, 4055SA
4056S, 4056SA
4059S, 4059SA
4060S, 4060SA
4061S, 4061SA
4133S, 4133SA
4157S, 4157SA
4179S, 4179SA
4180S, 4180SA
4181S, 4181SA
4242S, 4242SA
4243S, 4243SA
4244S, 4244SA
4245S, 4245SA
4246S, 4246SA
4248S, 4248SA
4310S, 4310SA
4318S, 4318SA
4331S, 4331SA
4332S, 4332SA
4344S, 4344SA
4393S, 4393SA
4413S, 4413SA
4453S, 4453SA
6310S, 6310SA

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