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Carburetor can also be spelled Carbureter. Carburetors come in all types of manufactures & sizes, including 1, 2 & 4 barrel.

We carry several new carburetors, including a Zenith 228 universal, Holley 1904 universal carburetor, Solex universal carburetor and Zenith 161 updraft carburetor. With the exception of the Zenith 161, all of the universal carburetors come with an adjustable jet so they can be tuned to your particular engine. All are manual choke carburetors.

Holley 1904 universal - 6 cyl engines, up to 250 CID
1904, 1920, 1940, BBS, B&B, Monojet, YF

Zenith 228 universal - 6 cyl engines
Zenith 28 & 228
Rochester B
Rochester Monojet

Solex universal
Most Solex carburetors
4 cyl cars, AG & industrial engines

Zenith 161 - Updraft carburetor

Technical: [Carter] [Ford Autolite, or Motorcraft] [Holley] [Marvel Schebler] [Mercarb] [Rochester] [Solex] [Stromberg] [Zenith]

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1904 Universal Carburetor - New
Replacement for 1 barrel carburetors.
Part # N1904
Average Rating(36)
In Stock
Solex Universal Replacement Carburetor - New
Part # FMC
Average Rating(2)
Out of Stock
Zenith 161 New Carburetor
Part # N161
Out of Stock
Replacement 1 Barrel Carburetor Dodge & Plymouth Slant 6
Part # N7001
Average Rating(1)
In Stock
Replacement Carburetor for Rochester B
Part # N228
Average Rating(15)
In Stock
FMC Adapter Plate
Part # FMCAP
Out of Stock
New Marvel Schebler Carburetor
Part # N428
In Stock
New YFA Carburetor
Part # N429
Average Rating(6)
In Stock
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Idle Mixture Screw Springs
Average Rating(17)
Rochester 2G 2GC Mercarb Carburetor Brass Float
Average Rating(71)
Rochester Main Jet
Average Rating(31)