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The 4300, 4 barrel carburetor has gotten a bad rap over the years, probably because the novice mechanics can't build them correctly. When rebuild right, they can out perform other 4 barrels.
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Motorcraft 4300 Carburetor Kit
FORD 1971-74, MERCURY 1971-74
Part # K4403
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Motorcraft 4300 Carburetor Repair Kit - AMC, Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury
AMERICAN MOTORS 1970-74, FORD 1966-74, FORD TRUCK 1973-74, JEEP 1973-74, LINCOLN 1968-74, MERCURY 1966-74
Part # K4012
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Idle Mixture Screw Springs
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Rochester 2G 2GC Mercarb Carburetor Brass Float
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Rochester Main Jet
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