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Check ball location

This carburetor had a ball fall out while I was taking it apart as a resort I am not sure were it came out of. The acceleration pump is putting fuel out of the hole on the left side of the main body, only when you push on the gas petal. However while its idling its spraying fuel out of the center of the main body which I think is the main discharge jet comes up. So I am not sure where the ball goes. I looked at two different pictures and read how to tear it apart in my 1952 repair materiel and can't find anything about the ball. I hope you can help me.

IIRC the BXV pump valves are both unitized: the intake valve is a ball crimped into a brass seat which inserts at an angle from the lower front of the bowl and the discharge check valve looks like a Stromberg power valve with a recessed "stem" and locates in the bottom of the pump well. I know of no loose balls in those carbs; perhaps someone who did not know what they were doing previously worked on the carb.
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