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4300 - 1968-69

Autolite 4300 Exploded View

Autolite 4350 Exploded View
The Motorcraft 4300, 4300A, or Autolite was introduced in 1967, replacing the Autolite 4100. Most likely due to the EPA standards that had to be met.
Venturi: 1"
Primary Bore: 1 7/16"
Secondary Bore: 1 9/16"

The 4300 was introduced in 1967.

The 4300 was a troublesome carburetor and had to be revised several times through the years.
The 1st model was a 431 CFM, 4 barrel used on all Ford engine except for the high performance and big block engines.

In 1969 this 431 CFM was replaced by the Motorcraft 2100 carburetor.

You can identify the 1967 model by the large adjusting screw in the back of the body.
In 1968 the 4300A, 600 CFM was installed on the big block Fords. T-birds, Lincolns

In 1971 the 4300D, 715 CFM, spreadbore came out. This was used on 351C-4V Cobra Jet and the Boss 351.

The 4300 was plagued with hesitation, bogs and flat spots. Changing jet size is of no help on this carburetor.

If you can find a good 4100 (good is getting harder by the day), then it is a good replacement for the 4300. One thing to keep in mind. The 4100 has a protrusion of about 1/16" on the bottom that will keep it from laying flat, thus causing a vacuum leak.

Starting in 1975 the Motorcraft 4350 was used.

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