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Autolite 1100 Needle & Seat - Viton Tip - NS530
Autolite 1100 Needle & Seat - Viton Tip - NS530

Autolite 1100 Needle & Seat - Viton Tip - NS530

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Autolite 1100, 1 barrel carburetor needle & seat assembly. Viton needle. New, currently being produced. This does not fit the 1101. The 1101 carburetor has a permanent seat and only the needle is replaced.

Parker Brothers valve

The Parker Brothers valve consisted of an aluminum plunger with a concave trapezoidal shaped opening on the end facing the seat. A trapezoidal shaped neoprene disk was inserted into the concave opening. The trapezoidal valve would stay in the trapezoidal opening’ The seat orifice was surrounded by an inverted flare. The flat lower portion of the trapezoid sealed against the inverted flare. These valves had the benefit of much more consistent bowl levels, as full flow was available whenever the valve was off the flare (no point in the orifice). Also, as the plunger was produced from aluminum, it could not be magnetized. Unfortunately, these valves are no longer in production.

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