All technical information including videos assume parts used are our brand. Parts from other sources may not install, or function the same way. About the Autolite 1100 Carburetor
  • The Autolite 1100 one-barrel carburetor was included on 170" & 200", 1963-69.
  • 1963-1967 (some) came with a spark control valve.
  • 1968 - The venturi size was changed to 1.10 and there was no control valve. The distributor was changed to use a mechanical advance instead of using the venturi vacuum previously.
  • 1967-1969 - Two diaphragms were used. The added diaphragm is used as an anti stall dashpot. Only one diaphragm was used prior to 1967
  • Correct venturi size for Mustangs was 1.10", or 1.20"
  • When no tag is present, Identification can be done by inspecting the base. You can sometimes find a Ford part number there.

Parker Brothers valve

The Parker Brothers valve consisted of an aluminum plunger with a concave trapezoidal shaped opening on the end facing the seat. A trapezoidal shaped neoprene disk was inserted into the concave opening. The trapezoidal valve would stay in the trapezoidal opening’ The seat orifice was surrounded by an inverted flare. The flat lower portion of the trapezoid sealed against the inverted flare. These valves had the benefit of much more consistent bowl levels, as full flow was available whenever the valve was off the flare (no point in the orifice). Also, as the plunger was produced from aluminum, it could not be magnetized. Unfortunately, these valves are no longer in production.

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1968-69 Autolite 1100

Power Valve At higher speeds, the engine vacuum drops which causes the power valveto open and allow more fuel to flow.
Autolite 1100 Choke

Watch a video about the power valve.

Do not remove the power valve assembly when rebuilding, but it does need to be free to easily move up and down. For sticky power valves spray liberally with silicon spray lubricant and work it up and down until it is free. Worst case is you will have to remove the clean out plug on the top of the carburetor so that you can get at the cylinder for cleaning. You will need a new clean out plug, or patch up the old plug with JB weld (don't get any inside). A surge at high speeds (steady throttle) might indicate a power valve problem. Change the power valve timing to open sooner (at less throttle opening) by adding additional calibrating shims, on power valve rod (see illustration above). If less than 4 shims found on rod, add 4 shims; if more than 4 shims found on rod, add fewer number. Total number of shims on rod must not exceed 8. These shims are not produced and you only want to take the power valve apart as a last resort.

Autolite 1100 Main Jet

This is where the Autolite 1100 main jet resides. Due to the difference in gasoline, the jet size that was originally installed on the 1100 isn't that relevant anymore. Be sure you are using the correct jet size, otherwise you chance ruining your engine. Test your main jet by running your vehicle for 20 minutes at a sustained speed. Pull a spark plug and look at the color. Gray is perfect. White means you are too lean and need to move up one size. Black is too much fuel and you need to move down one size. Do this one size at a time until you get a good gray colored plug. This test is only valid when your engine and electrical system are good condition.
Autolite 1100 Jet

CDF-9510-A 144 manual transmission
C3DF-9510-B 144 automatic transmission
C3DF-9510-A 170 manual transmission
C3DF-9510-B 170 automatic transmission
C3AF-9510-A 223 manual transmission
C3AF-9510-B 223 automatic transmission
C3TF-9510-E 262 manual transmission
Autolite 1100 Main Jet Sizes - Note: These sizes do not take into account today's gasoline blends. It takes more fuel to run the same mile so error to the bigger sizes. For elevations 5,000 ft and above reduce the size by .02. Use the procedure above to determine if you have the correct size in your situation.
C3DF-9510-A, B1 1/64"
C3DF-9510-A, B1 7/64"
C3AF-9510-A, B1 13/16"
C3AF-9510-C, D1 7/64"
C3TF-9510-E1 13/64"

Accelerator pump gauge: 3/16"
Initial Idle Mixture Adjustment: 7-8 1/2 turns from bottom
Float Setting: 1" gasket surface to float crown
Dashpot: 3 1/2 turns in from screw just touching diaphragm post

144 Engine21/64"
170 Engine29/64"
223, 262 Engine5/16"

Autolite 1100 Parts

1966 Rough Idle & Poor Fuel Economy Correction.
This condition may be caused by the fuel bowl vent valve being out of adjustment. Check and adjust the vent valve each time the carburetor idle speed adjustment is made.

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Question I seem to have a problem with my carb that I rebuilt recently. It is a C8PF-D on my 1963,170 cu in Falcon with auto trans. Its a manual choke and has the spark control system and a diaphram on each side. We adjusted the mixture screw till it ran nice and took it for a small drive. Upon returning it would not idle hardly and was running very rough. We adjusted the mixture screw again and it started runnning properly agian. The next drive we took it ran great, but when we arrived home the same rough running and no idle was present agian. It acually died on us instead of idling. My question is if the mixture screw is backing itself off due to vibrations etc.? Could the screw or spring be worn out or could it be the carb hole and threads worn out? I hope you have run across this before and can point me in the right direction. I thought about loctite to hold it, or maybe a new spring and screw.

1st off don't use anything on the threads. That would probably ruin the carburetor. It does seem the screws are moving from vibration. I would replace the idle mixture screw and spring.

1100 Carburetor
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