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Air Cleaner Adaptor - DPC1
Air Cleaner Adaptor - DPC1

Air Cleaner Adaptor - DPC1

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Air cleaner adaptor. Adapts 1 barrel carburetors to conform to a center bolt air cleaner.

Top diameter is 2 3/8". On the carburetor side it fits over a 2 3/4" lip diameter.

Carter BBS
Holley 1904.
Holley 1920
Carter B&B with modification.
Holley 94 2 barrel with modification.

Watch a video about this air cleaner adaptor.

We tried this adaptor on a Carter BB and got it to work by taking the bolt out and stretching it out a bit, but you will need to find a longer bolt to secure it.
Carter BB
Carter BB Adaptor

Holley 94 2 Barrel - Works by spreading the clamp and replacing the bolt with a longer one.
Air CleanerAir Cleaner

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