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Accelerator Pump Cup - 11/16
Accelerator Pump Cup - 11/16" Diameter - AP442

Accelerator Pump Cup - 11/16" Diameter - AP442

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Diameter = 11/16" center = .140"
Part Number: AP442
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Holley 1 barrel accelerator pump cup. Holley 1949, 6149. For the 1949 & 6149 there is one other cup where the center hole is: .145". These are ethanol ready. New, currently being produced.

This cup can be used on a Holley 1909 with some alteration. Some 1909 Holleys used a 5/8" diameter cup that is no longer available. Fortunately the inside hole on this cup is the same size as what the 1909 uses, .140". Be sure you buy 2 or more in case you mess one up.

To get the outside diameter down we carefully cut it with a very good pair of scissors, or sand it down until the diameter reaches 5/8". Be sure to polish the pump well so that the cup slides smoothly. This isn't the perfect fix, but it does work.

Ethanol ready does not mean they cannot fail if the ethanol concentration is high enough.

Ford & Mercury
1987-84 140" 2.3L ATX, MTX H-1 1949C (Canada)
1984 140" 2.3L H-1 6149C

Fits these carburetor numbers:

E43E-ABA E43E-ABB E43E-ACA E43E-ACB E43E-ADA E43E-AEA E43E-CA E43E-DA E43E-EA E43E-FA E43E-GA E43E-HA E43E-JA E43E-KA E43E-ND E43E-PA E43E-VA E43E-VB E43E-ZA E43E-ZC E43E-ZD E43E-ZE E43E-ZF E43E-ZG E43E-ZH E73E-AB E73E-BB R-50017A R-50018A R-50019A R-50020A R-50023A R-50024A R-50025A R-50026A R-50027A R-50028A R-50130-1A R-50130-2A R-50130A R-50153A R-50162A R-50163A R-50164 R-50164A R-50165 R-50165A R-50176 R-50176A R-50178 R-50178A R-50192A R-50193A R-50224A R-50228A R-50230A R-50232A

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