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4G, 4GC, 4 Jet 4 Barrel

Rochester, also commonly knows as the 4 jet. We carry parts for both classic cars and marine applications. The Rochester 4 Jet was used on Buick 1955-1966, Cadillac 1952-66, Checker 1965, Chevrolet 1956-66, Oldsmobile 1952-65, Packard 1955-56, Pontiac 1955-65, Studebaker 1965, Chris Craft Marine, Crossley Marine, Crusader, Daytona, Graymarine, Mercury Marine, Owens, Palmer Marine & Revley Marine.

Below you will find all of the parts that we have available for this carburetor. Includes 4G (manual) and 4GC (w/automatic choke). Find your part, then click on more.. to see the detailed description of the part.

Don't have a carburetor number?

Some Rochester 4G 4GC carburetor had the last 4 digits of the carburetor number stamped on the top side of the air horn casting, in one corner.

4 Jet Float

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Rochester 4G, 4GC, 4 Jet Jets
Part # 120-11
Average Rating(5)
In Stock
Rochester Needle & Seat .101 NS523
2G, 2GC, 4G, 4GC
Part # NS523
Average Rating(2)
In Stock
Rochester 4G, 4GC Rubber Pump Shaft Boot
Part # G429
Average Rating(4)
In Stock
Rochester Needle & Seat Assembly - .119 Orifice
Part # NS526
Average Rating(2)
In Stock
Main Discharge T
Part # 85-59
In Stock
Rochester 4 Barrel Primary Vacuum Brake Link
Rochester 4 Barrel Link
Part # R134
In Stock
Rochester 4G, 4GC, 4 jet, Main jet Custom Assortment
Custom Assortment
Part # 120-11A
In Stock
Float Pin
OD = .081" Length = .380"
Part # 32-27
In Stock
Rochester Power Valve
Part # 56-2B
Average Rating(31)
In Stock
Rochester 2 Jet 4 Jet Power Piston Assembly
1955-73 Buick, Chevy, Pontiac, Olds
Part # 85-800
Average Rating(9)
In Stock
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Rochester Main Jet
Average Rating(33)
Carter Metering Jets
Average Rating(17)
Motorcraft 2100 Manual eBook
Average Rating(4)
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