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44PHN-3 Rebuild Dis Assembly

Solex 44 PAHN-3 Marine Side Draft Carburetor Rebuild Instructions - Disassemblying
Solex 44 PAHN-3 marine carburetor kit.
Solex 44PHN
Warning! There are not any parts available for this carburetor outside of what is contained in the carburetor kit, so take your time and do not force things. The float is especially easy to break.

Remove the spark arrestor from the carburetor.

Unless you have a good reason to, don't take the accelerator pump rod apart from the accelerator pump diaphragm cover. If you do need to take it apart, count the number of turns required to back off and remove the nut on the end of the accelerator pump rod. An alternative to counting the number of turns for the nut, is to first measure the distance the pump rod extends through the nut before starting to remove the nut. Lift he pump cover off the pump rod, and then slide the spring free.
Solex PHNRemove the attaching screws, and then lift the accelerator pump cover free of the carburetor body. The pump diaphragm and spring can now be removed.
Solex PAHNRemove the six screws securing the float bowl to the carburetor body. Separate the float bowl from the carburetor body. Remove the gasket.
Solex MarineRemove the idle jet, and then remove the main jet. It is not necessary to remove the body for the main jet.
Solex 44 PHN-3Remove the float hinge pin screw, and then lift the float assembly free. Do not force the float. It will break with very little effort.
Soles 44PHN-3Remove the float valve needle and seat.
SolexRemove the check valve for the accelerator pump.
Solex CarburetorRemove the air fuel adjusting screw.
Solex 44phn-3 CarbRemove the screw opening the passageway for the accelerator pump nozzle. Removal of this screw permits blowing the passageway clean with compressed air.
Solex 44PHN-3Remove the two screws securing the butterfly to the shaft. Slide the butterfly out of the groove and free of the shaft. The butterfly is only removed from the shaft because it has been damaged. If necessary, the nut can be removed from one end of the shaft, the opposite end from the throttle arm, and then the shaft pulled free from the throttle arm end.
Soak your carburetor parts, then wash with hot water and blow dry. Using a thin piece of wire, clean out all of the passageways being careful not to enlarge any passageway with the wire. In the past, using wire to run through the passageways was not a good idea, but ethanol leaves a residue that needs to be cleared out.

Don't forget to clean your spart arrestor. A plugged and dirty arrestor can cause a carburetor to run rich.
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