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Solex 44PAHN-3 Rebuild Assembly Part 1
Solex 44PAHN-3If you took the throttle shaft apart, then slide the shaft through the carburetor body from the throttle arm side. Force the butterfly into the groove in the shaft, and then secure it to the shaft with the two phillips head screws.
Solex MarineThread the screw covering the accelerator pump nozzle passage into the carburetor body and tighten it just snugly.
Solex Marine CarburetorThread the air fuel adjusting screw in place.
Solex CarbSlowly tighten the air fuel adjusting screw until it barely seats, then back it out 4 1/2 complete turns as a preliminary adjustment at this time. This will need to be adjust again once the engine is running and warmed up.
Solex 44PAHNInstall the check valve for the accelerator pump. Thighten the valve snugly.
Solex Marine CarburetorInsert the float valve needle and seat into the carburetor body, and then tighten the needle securely.
44PAHN-3Place the float in position with the holes in the hinge aligned with the holes in the brackets. Hold the float in position and slide the hinge pin through the bracket without threads in the hole, then through the hinge, then thread the pin into the other bracket.
44PAHN-3 SolexTighten the hinge pin snugly. Check to be sure the float hinge rotates freely on the pin, with no sign of binding.
Solex Marine CarburetorTo adjust the float position, hold the carburetor in a level attitude, as shown, with the floats facing upward. Now, measure the distance from the machined surface of the carburetor to the top of one float, as shown. This measurement should be 1 7/8". Check the other float in a similar manner. The measurement should be the same. To obtain the proper measurement, carefully bend the hinge tab either downward or upward. WARNING! This is where the float generally gets broken and new floats are not available.
Solex MarineThread the main jet into the main jet body. Thighten the jet securely.
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