Watch a video about installing the hot air choke.

How To Adjust the 4300 4 Barrel Choke

The video above illustrates the 4300 thermostat that had the heat tube hooked up to the center of the thermostat. This how to can be applied to any of the 4300 carburetors that have the choke thermostat mounted to the carburetor.

  • The engine should be cold. Best done after sitting overnight or do this on the bench during a rebuild.
  • Install the thermostat to the housing. If the housing has a forked terminal, then put the end of the thermostat coil in the fork slot, otherwise put it on the side of the terminal that when twisted closes the choke valve. Install the retainer, but don't tighten down. You need to be able to twist the thermostat.
  • Hold the throttle open a bit so that the fast idle isn't holding the choke.
  • Twist the choke thermostat until the choke valve closes, then twist another 1/8" to that it takes a slight amount of pressure to push the choke valve open.
  • Tighten up the retainer so that the thermostat doesn't lose it's spring tension.

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