You should match your carburetor number when determining the correct accelerator pump. The 2 jet carburetor used several different pumps. The information below is only there to give you some hits as to which one you might need. Use the measurements. Pictures are for measurement only. They do not represent what is included with the accelerator pump. 
2 Jet Parts
2 Jet PumpAP263

No garter spring used
2 jet Accelerator PumpAP427

265, 283, 327, 348
Uses garter spring
2 jet accelerator pumpAP312

231, 350
Uses garter spring
2 Jet Accelerator PumpAP415

305 1977-78
2 Jet Accelerator PumpAP417

Uses garter spring

2 Jet PumpAP416

Uses garter spring
2 Jet Accelerator PumpAP426

283, 327
Uses garter spring

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