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Float Level

Holley 2300 Float Level Adjustment

  • Loosen Lock Nut
  • Use a flathead screw driver to turn the needle & seat.
  • With the float bowl upside down, turn needle seat assembly until float surface is parallel with the surface directly below the float.
  • Tighten lock nut. Don't over tighten. The gasket used are usually thin and tear easily.

Accelerator Pump Adjustment

Holley 2300 Accelerator Pump Adjustment

  • Use the #2 pump cam hole when available.
  • Hold throttle wide open
  • Hold the pump operating lever in a fully compressed position.
  • Adjust the clearance between the pump lever and adjusting screw. Clearance should be .015 - use feeler gauge.

Fast Idle Speed Adjustment

Holley 2300 Fast Idle Adjustment

  • Adjust the idle speed according to manufactures recommendation.
  • Disconnect the manual choke cable bracket clamp.
  • With engine running, pull choke cable housing rearward until the choke plate operating level is against the stop on the choke cable bracket. Hold the choke plate open to the choke pulldown liit, to keep the engine running.
  • Adjust the fast idle RPM by turning fast idle screw with a 3/16" wrench.
  • Push the choke lever, cable and housing forward to the full choke position and clamp choke cable housing to the choke cable bracket.

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