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  6. Holley 2210, 2245 2 Barrel Carburetor Rebuild Kit K4343
Holley 2210, 2245 2 Barrel Carburetor Rebuild Kit K4343
Holley 2210, 2245 2 Barrel Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Holley 2210, 2245 2 Barrel Carburetor Rebuild Kit K4343

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IHC TRUCK (8) 1963-81
Part Number: K4343
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Revitalize Your Ride: 2 Barrel Holley 2210, 2245 Carburetor Repair Kit

Revival of Excellence: Unlock the true potential of your vehicle with our premier 2 Barrel Holley 2210, 2245 Carburetor Repair Kit. Designed meticulously to resurrect the original prowess of your Holley 2210 or 2245 carburetor, this kit is your pathway to restoring optimal performance and achieving OE-condition excellence.

Crafted for Superior Performance:

  • Made in USA: Boasting impeccable quality and craftsmanship, this kit is domestically manufactured, ensuring reliability and supreme quality.
  • Meets or Exceeds Manufacturer's Specifications: Precision-engineered to meet or surpass stringent manufacturer specifications, delivering a seamless fit and outstanding performance.

Featured Components:

  • Replaceable Accelerator Pump Cup: Enhance the responsiveness and fluidity of your carburetor with a replaceable accelerator pump cup, ensuring a smooth driving experience.
  • Ethanol Ready: Fortified for the modern era, the components in this kit are resilient and fully prepared to interact seamlessly with ethanol fuels, securing longevity and consistent performance.

Revolutionize Your Rebuild: Experience a revival of operational brilliance with components that echo excellence. Every piece within this kit resonates with quality and precision, ensuring that your rebuilding process is not only straightforward but also profoundly effective.


  • Complete Satisfaction: With components that are dedicated to achieving excellence, this kit provides everything necessary to revitalize your carburetor.
  • High-Quality Rebuild: Embrace a rejuvenated carburetor performance, characterized by enhanced efficiency and reliability.

Elevate Your Automotive Experience: Trust in a kit that brings a blend of tradition and technological prowess. The 2 Barrel Holley 2210, 2245 Carburetor Repair Kit is not just a set of parts; it’s a commitment to quality, a dedication to performance, and a promise of reliability. Choose a kit that stands as a paragon of automotive restoration and performance enhancement. ????

2210 Carburetor Manual

Buying by application assumes your engine has the same carburetor as when the engine was new.

The product picture illustrates the exact parts included.
These are high quality parts. Don't trust your carburetor rebuild on anything less.
You will find our shipping is very reasonable and fast and we ship 5 days a week. Ships within 24 hours.
We are famous for our great service before and after the sale.

Rebuild kit, made in the USA from high quality ethanol ready parts. Everything shown in the photo is included in the kit, additional parts may be purchased by choosing your carburetor type in our main catalog. For additional help including rebuild videos, free manuals, and troubleshooting, please see our technical section.

For additional information see related tabs above.

To confirm this kit matches your carburetor number refer to the application/carb tab. To make sure you get the correct carburetor kit, please match your carburetor number with the list provided. This kit is good for the carburetor numbers listed only. No return on opened kits.


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R-6620A - FL54
R-6674 - FL54
R-6674-1A - FL54
R-6674-2A - FL54
R-6674A - FL54
R-6674AAS - FL54
R-6776A - FL54
R-6776AAS - FL54
R-6828 - FL54
R-6828-1A - FL54
R7214 - FL54
R7309 - FL54
R7485 - FL54

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