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Motorcraft 2 Barrel Rebuild

Disassemble your carburetor. Take a lot of pictures as you go along in case you have questions.
Consider not taking the throttle shaft apart unless you are equipped to drill and tap broken screws.
Soak your carburetor parts in any 1 gallon carburetor clean found at your favorite parts store. Follow the directions. Over soaking can damage the metal on your carburetor.
The series of videos below illustrates how to put your Motorcraft 2100, 2 barrel carburetor back together.
1st part of the 2100 rebuild series. This video illustrates where to find the carburetor number and how to identify.

2nd part. Rebuilding the throttle shaft on the Motorcraft 2100.
3rd part. Putting the float bowl back together on the Motorcraft 2100.
4th parts. Putting the top and choke assembly back on.
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