PLYMOUTH 1939-1941
Models P-7, P-8, P-9, P-10, P-11, P-12, T-125

Buy a carburetor kit for this carburetor. Plymouth 1939-1941

Carter B&B
Flange 1 1/2"
Throttle bore 1 9/16"
Main venturi 1 1/4" I.D.

Float Setting: Top of float 5/64" +- 1/64" below top of surface of carburetor body casting. You can fudge a bit higher due to the ethanol gasoline.

Set Idle Adjustment Screw - 1/2 to 1 1/4 turns open. For richer mixture, turn screw out. Do not idle engine below 300 RPM.
Main Metering Jet Calibrated to flow 254 to 258 cc per minute.
Main Vent Through diffuser (air bleed inside bowl) size .0315" (.80 mm) drill

Step Up Jet - #63 (.94mm) drill size.

Accelerating Pump - Stroke, summer setting (inner hole, short stroke), intermediate setting (center hole), winter setting (outer hole, long stroke). Due to the ethanol poluted gasoline, you may have to experiment with this.

Pump Discharge Jet Size - .0315 inch (.80 mm) drill. Due to the ethanol you may need to enlarge this by .001. Do this only if you have a lean condition.

Pump Adjustment - 3/8" plunger travel (center hole).

Carburetor Loading Up
Check float level. Wear on lip of float lever will raise float level. Before adjusting, be sure the float lever pin is firmly seated. Reset the float level by bending lip of float lever away from needle to raise level or bend lip toward needle to lower float level. Bend vertical lip of float only. DO NOT PUT PRESSURE ON NEEDLE VITON TIP.
Motor Stalls While Idling
Set throttle lever adjusting screw so motor runs approximately 300 rpm, then set idle adjustment screw to specifications. If these adjustments do not correct the trouble, remove idle orifice tube and plug assembly. Clean tube and passages with compressed air. At this point, if the carburetor has not been rebuilt in the last 12 months, then do so now.
Acceleration Not Satisfactory
Remove pump jet and clean with compressed air. Poor acceleration may be due to damaged or worn accelerator pump, sediment in pump cylinder, or clogged intake ball check at bottom of pump cylinder and discharge ball check in discharge passage.
Correct Air Fuel Ratio
Provided by a balance tube cast in the air horn. The balance tube should be checked each time the carburetor is serviced to see tht the passage is open. The object of a balanced carburetor is to provide a constant air fuel ratio regardless of type, size or condition of air cleaner. If the air cleaner becomes clogged, the capacity will be reduced but the fuel ratio will not be changed.
Excessive Richness
Above 50 miles per hour may be caused by a clogged main vent tube.
Pump Adjustment
Remove air horn assembly, back out the throttle adjustment screw, and place pump operating link in center hole of throttle shaft arm. Adjustment can be made by bending horizontal portion of pump connector link, so that top of pump plunger shaft travel is 3/8".
Pump Stroke
Adjustable for high and low temperature. Set to longest stroke for cold weather, shortest stroke in hot weather.

Plymouth Exploded View
1-238S Body Flange Assembly (D6A1) (D6C1)61-146 Step Up Piston Spring (Sup by 61-135)
1-262SBody Flange Assembly (D6A2) (D6C2)61-157Plunger Spring
1A-45Flange Gasket for use with governor62-77SChoker Tube Bracket Assy (D6A1) (D6A2)
1A-46Flange Gasket for use without governor63-24Float Lever Pin Retainer
2-100Throttle Valve63-37Pump Reatiner Ring
3-340SThrottle Shaft and Arm Ass'y (D6A1) (D6C1)63-46Pump Spring Retainer
3-362SThrottle Shaft and Arm Ass'y (D6A2) (D6C2)64-60SPlunger and Rod Assy
4-329SThrottle Lever Assembly (D6A1) (D6C1) (Sup by 4-343S)86-10Lock Washer 11/64" ID (D6A1) (D6A2)
4-343SThrottle Lever Assembly (D6A1-A2-C1-C2)86-11Lock Washer 19/32" ( Use with 101-54)
4A-49Throttle Shaft Dog (D6A1)86-15Flange Stud Lock Washer
4A-53Throttle Shaft Dog (D6C1)86-17Lock Washer 15/64" ID
4A-78Throttle Shaft Dog (D6A2)101-6Choker Bracket Attaching Screw (D6A1)
4A-90Throttle Shaft Dog (D6C2)101-10Wire Clamp Screw (D6A1) (D6A2)
6-294SAir Horn Assembly (D6A1) (D6A2)101-12Throttle Lever Clamp Screw
6-310SAir Horn Assembly (D6C1) (D6C2)101-54Flange Attaching Screw (Sup by 101-145S)
7-104SChoker Valve Assembly101-55Air Horn Attaching Screw (Sup by 101-146S)
11B-17Pump Check Plug101-58Throttle Adjusting Screw
11B-40Rivet Plug (Sup by 11B-79)101-142SChoker Bracket Attaching Screw and Washer Assy
11B-41Rivet Plug101-145SFlange Attaching Screw and Washer Assy
11B-79Rivet Plug101-146SAir Horn Attaching Screw and Washer Assy
11B-103Rivet Plug105-11Tube Clamp Screw (D6A1) (D6A2)
11B-108Idle Hole Rivet Plug105A-8Choker Tube Clamp Nut (D6A1) (D6A2)
11B-138Pump Jet Rivet Plug105A-13Flange Nut Stud
14-188SChoker Control Lever Ass'y (D6A1) (D6A2)115-30Choker Connector Rod (D6C1) (D6C2)
14-227SChoker Lever and Shaft Ass'y (D6C1) (D6C2)115-31Choker Connector Rod (D6A1) (D6A2)
20-26Main Metering Jet Gasket116-13Pump Cylinder Bail
20-31Needle Seat Gasket116-18Pump Check Ball
20-51Step Up Jet Gasket117-60Pump Operationg Link
20-52Step Up Piston Gasket117-70Pump Connector Link
21-49SFloat and Lever Assembly121-68Body Flange Gasket
24-23Float Lever Pin121-69Body Gasket
25-82SNeedle and Seat Assembly123-31SIdle Orifice Tube and Plug Assembly
30A-37Idle Adjustment Screw136-55Throttle Centering Spring Washer (D6A2-C2)
39-11Valve Attaching Screw145-17Main Vent Tube
48-73Pump Jet .0315"149-43SStep Up Jet and Gasket Assy
61-58Throttle Lever Adjusting Screw Spring150A-13Pin Spring
61-84Idle Adjustment Screw Spring159-61SMain Metering Jet and Gasket Assy (standard)
61-119Choker Pull Back Spring (D6A1) (D6A2)159-66SMain Metering Jet and Gasket Assy (1 size lean)
61-135Step Up Piston Spring159-82SMain Metering Jet and Gasket Assy (2 sizes lean)
61-144Pump Spring (conical)160-46SStep Up Piston, Plate and Rod Assy

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