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Carter AFB, Edelbrock Metering Rod 130-
Carter AFB, Edelbrock Metering Rod 130-

Carter AFB, Edelbrock Metering Rod 130-

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AFB Step Up Rod
Part Number: 130-
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Carter AFB, Edelbrock 4 barrel metering rod. Price includes ONE metering rod you may need two, order accordingly. The AFB carburetor requires two rods per carburetor. These are also referred to as a step up rod.

These are 2 step metering rods used generally on 1968 and later.

Technical information about AFB metering rods and jets including sizes.

There are two types of primary main metering rods used in the Quadrajet carburetors. 1968 models use a rod which has a double taper at the metering tip. The 1967 and earlier models have a single taper at the metering tip.

Both type rods use a similar two-digit numbering system. The number indicates the diameter of the metering rod and is the last two digits of the part number. The 1968 models with the double taper will have "B" stamped on the rod after the two-digit number.

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