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Holley 2280 Technical

Holley 2280 Identification

The 2280 carburetor number will be stamped on the main body on the fuel inlet side. You are looking for the LIST number. You may have something like R-7980A. 7980 is the LIST number and is all that is necessary in terms of finding the correct carburetor kit.

Holley 2280 Power Valves

The Holley 2280 has two (some only have 1) power valves located in the bottom of the float bowl. One is a mechanical and the other is the vacuum. Be sure to keep each power valve assembly together because they work together and are different. Each valve may have a calibration number stamped on the side. Write down the number for each. The vacuum power valve is located on the throttle lever side. Obviously the mechanical power valve is located on the opposite side, or vacuum kick side. The mechanical valve needle is longer than the vacuum power valve.

If you have problem when at part, or full throttle, the power valves can be one suspect. Review the information above.

Check Weight

There is a check ball, then check weight that is placed in the main discharge underneath the venturi cluster.

Questions & Answers

I have a problem adjusting my holley 2280 on my 1987 dodge d150. It has a 318. I bottomed out both mixture screws and its still backfiring and running a little rich. I need help bigtime. Will this hurt my 318? Should i turn them both out 2 turns? I need help...

This is an indication of a carburetor needing to be rebuilt, or if you just rebuilt it, something was installed, or adjusted incorrectly and it is very hard on the engine.

Schematic and Rebuild Instructions with Settings
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