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Chevrolet Tri-Power

Posted by Mike on 1/1/2017 to Car Enthusiast
Chevrolet Tri-Power
Most tri-power systems we run into these days are not true tri-power carburetors. Most were put together by installing 3 2 jet carburetors that may, or may not look alike.

Cuba & the 50's

Posted by on 1/20/2016 to Car Enthusiast

Although not many are actually familiar with what the classic car industry is all about, a lot of people present a taste for vintage, well maintained vehicles. At the moment, the classic and collector car industry is practically insane; cars are sold for millions of dollars and disputes are done over the smallest of details.

There have been many classic car findings over the years; many times hidden in barns or abandoned in a forgotten warehouse, American classic cars have been discovered and rebuilt to their original state, then sold for great money. However though, such findings are getting rare.

Cuba, apart from being the host of the rocket crisis during the cold war, also features an amazing heaven for American classic cars. There is something special about these vehicles that made them live more than half a century and you will be amazed to figure it out.

Studebaker Lark

Posted by Dan C. on 12/5/2015 to Car Enthusiast
Studebaker Hawk
The Lark was introduced in 1959 as a Compact Car, following in the footsteps of the first in this American car class, the 1950 Nash Rambler. According to the Encyclopedia of American Automobiles, the Lark was the model that was supposed to save Studebaker, and was tooled and into production in a remarkably short ten months time. By 1958 Lark-based models dominated the company's production, with only a minor representation by the sportier Hawk and limited production Avanti.

Mercarb Accelerator Pump

Posted by Mike on 5/7/2013 to Mercarb
The accelerator pump isn't returning to idle position. What could be wrong?

Holley 1920 Diaphragm Relief Hole

Posted by Mike on 4/3/2013 to Holley 1920
My 1920, 1 barrel is leaking out of a small hole.
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