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Solex Universal Replacement Carburetor - New

Solex Universal Replacement Carburetor - New

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Part Number:FMC
1 barrel Solex replacement universal down draft carburetor. Manual choke. Used to replace many 4 cylinder carburetors, including industrial. Can be a replacement for the Toyota forklift with the Aisan carburetor.

Include an adjustable main jet.
Ethanol resistant parts are used.
Throttle lever is 360 degrees adjustable.
Includes a vacuum port when needed.

An adapter may have to be custom made in order to mount the carburetor. This carburetor has a 2 bolt flange mounting. The Aisan probably has a 4 bolt mounting.

Warranty is void if any dirt is found in the carburetor so be sure to have a fuel filter installed. For your convenience, this carburetor includes the filter.

Any warranty problems are handled by the manufacturer.

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