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Rochester Carburetor Parts

Rochester carburetor parts. Includes carburetor kits, floats and hard to find parts for most of the Rochester series carburetor. Click on the carburetor type above to see all of the parts that we have available for that particular carburetor.
  • 2G, 2GC, 2GV Carburetor Parts

    Rochester 2G 2GC 2GV 2 Barrel Carburetor

    This category includes all of our available parts for the Rochester 2G, 2GC & 2GV carburetor. Includes carburetor kits, floats, jets, linkage, choke pulloffs and other related 2G carburetor parts.

    There are three basic models of the Rochester 2 barrel carburetor. They are 2G, 2GC and 2GV. 2G simply means that it is a two bore carburetor. Typically the Rochester 2 barrel carburetor is used on V-8 engines where each bore supplies air and fuel to 4 cylinders through a divided intake manifold. Two different throttle body flanges are used on the 2G carburetor, 1 1/4" & 1 1/2". Larger engines use the bigger 1 1/2" bore sized flange.

    The 2G carburetor is equipped with a manually operated choke valve. Its major applications are on truck and marine engines where an automatic choke is not necessary. The 2GC is the basic 2G carburetor except that it has an integral choke (meaning it is mounted on the carburetor). Some were mounted on the air horn, and others on the throttle body. The 2GV is also an automatic choke model, however, a vacuum break diaphragm unit is used in place of the conventional choke housing and choke.

  • 4G, 4GC Carburetor Parts

    Rochester 4G & 4GC Carburetor Parts

    Rochester, also commonly knows as the 4 jet. We carry parts for both classic cars and marine applications. The Rochester 4 Jet was used on Buick 1955-1966, Cadillac 1952-66, Checker 1965, Chevrolet 1956-66, Oldsmobile 1952-65, Packard 1955-56, Pontiac 1955-65, Studebaker 1965, Chris Craft Marine, Crossley Marine, Crusader, Daytona, Graymarine, Mercury Marine, Owens, Palmer Marine & Revley Marine.

    Below you will find all of the parts that we have available for this carburetor. Includes 4G (manual) and 4GC (w/automatic choke). Find your part, then click on more.. to see the detailed description of the part.

    Don't have a carburetor number?

    Some Rochester 4G 4GC carburetor had the last 4 digits of the carburetor number stamped on the top side of the air horn casting, in one corner.

  • AA Carburetor Parts
    Rochester AA carburetor parts, including carburetor kits and hard to find used and NOS parts.
  • B, BC, BV Carburetor Parts

    Rochester B, BC & BV Carburetor Parts.

    The Rochester 1 barrel was produced with a small metal tag attached to one of the float bowl screws. Some carburetors also had the last 4 digits of the carburetor number stamped on the bottom of the mounting flange. Just add "700" in front of the number and you have your carburetor number.
  • BB Carburetor Parts
    Rochester BB carburetor parts including carburetor kits made in the US. The Rochester BB is a 2 barrel downdraft carburetor used on Cadillac and Oldsmobile.
  • Dualjet Carburetor Parts
    Rochester Dualjet carburetor parts, including carburetor kits. This is the M2ME & E2ME carburetor. The Dualjet 210 Model E2ME is used with the computer command control system and is electronically controlled. An electrically operated mixture control solenoid is used to control air and fuel metered to the idle and main metering systems of the carburetor. 

    The carburetor number is stamped vertically on the rear left corner of the float bowl. Always use this number to match up the correct carburetor kit.
    Rochester Dualjet
  • H, HV Carburetor Parts
    Rochester H & HV carburetor parts, including carburetor kits made in the US.
  • Monojet 1MV, 1ME Carburetor Parts
    Rochester Monojet 1 barrel carburetor parts. We stock all of the carburetor kits. Please be sure to match your carburetor number with the list provided with each carburetor kit.
  • Quadrajet Carburetor Parts
    Rochester Quadrajet carburetor kits and other parts associated to the Quadrajet carburetor.

    Use your carburetor number to match with the correct carburetor kit.
    Quadrajet Identification
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