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Motorcraft 2100 Rebuilt Carburetor Ford Truck

Motorcraft 2100 Rebuilt Carburetor Ford Truck

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Part Number:RC2107

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Core (incl in price) [+$75.00]
Motorcraft 2100 2 barrel carburetor w/manual choke. Price INCLUDES a refundable core charge.

Remanufactured in the US, using US parts.
Flange (mounting) gasket included.

Watch a video about this Motorcraft 2100 carburetor:


289, 302, 352 W/MANUAL CHOKE

This carburetor is for a standard orginal type of installation for the vehicles above only. Rebuilt carburetors may not necessarily have the exact carburetor number as the original.

All carburetors are flow tested and wet tested prior to shipping. Some corrections may have been made to accommodate today's fuels and there may be some differences with the new rebuilt carburetor and the old carburetor. The rebuilt carburetors are designed to perform as the original carburetor did.

Important information about your carburetor purchase:


Rebuilt carburetors have a 90 day warranty for manufacture defects only. This applies to carburetors installed on matching engine and intake manifold. Carburetors are built for under 5,000 feet above sea level. Carburetors are shipped to us at buyers expense. No refunds are made for shipping, or labor caused by a possible defective carburetor.

Warranty includes replacement, or repair. No cash refunds will be made.

Rebuilt carburetors come with adjustments pre-set for the application. No adjustments will be necessary. If you do have to make more than a minor adjustment, then you may have problems not related to the carburetor.

What voids the warranty.

Warranty is void where our inspection reveals tampering with factory sealed adjustments, broken factory seals on screws, jets, plugs, etc., any attempt to open up carburetor, faulty installation, damage caused by dirt, or abuse or misuse of carburetor.
Any disassembly, or modification by the customer voids the warranty.--
It is not uncommon to have dirt enter the carburetor after installation causing the carburetor to fail. There is no warranty for this. This is the case on more than 50% of returned carburetors.
Any corrosion or other non gasoline material on the bottom of the carburetor voids the warranty. This can be caused by the vehicle sitting around.
Failure due to ethanol damage voids the warranty. Be sure to use Startron in your gas which will help eliminate ethanol damage.

Due to carburetors getting older and more rare as time goes by, we are getting more restrictive on what is considered a good core.
Your core must be the same as the carburetor purchased. This includes the exact application.
Cores must be complete and assembled.
Stripped threaded connected are not considered good cores.
Missing, or broken parts may result in no core refund, or perhaps a partial refund.
Return shipping for cores not accepted will be the responsibility of  the buyer.
Cores are accepted up to 30 days of shipping.
Cores must be returned in the same box the rebuilt carburetor came in.

Returns are accepted up to 30 days of shipping as long as the carburetor has not been installed. A 10% restocking charge will be assessed.

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