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Mercarb Carburetor Kit
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Mercarb Carburetor Kit

Part #: K529
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This kit is about as close to a master kit as you will find. Lots of parts not usually found in today's kits. Mercarb marine carburetor rebuild kit.

Watch a video about this carburetor kit

  • Made in USA
  • Includes Power Valve
  • Includes Idle Mixture Screw
  • Includes Fuel Inlet Screen
  • Meets or Exceeds Manufactures Specifications
  • After the Sale Service

Mercury Marine
MCM 120, 140 w/153: 2.5L, 181: 3.0L
MCM 165 w/224" 3.7L
MCM 165, 175 w/229" 3.7L
MCM 175, 185 w/262" 4.3L
MCM w/262 4.3L
MCM 200, 898 w/305" 5.0L
MIE 5.7L w/350MAG

Don't forget to change the float at rebuild time. These carburetors have nitrophyl floats and they absorb fuel over time. We now have brass floats available for these carburetors.

Carburetor Numbers:

Your carburetor may only have part of the carburetor stamped on the carburetor. I.E. 1389-9563A1 may be indicated as 9563

1389-815396A2, 1389-815397A2, 1389-9562A1, 9562, 1389-9563A1, 9563, 1389-9564A1, 1389-9670A2, 3304-9565A1, 3310-805924A2, 3310-806077A2, 3310-806080A2, 3310-806972A1, 3310-807312A1, 3310-807504A1, 3310-807764A1, 3310-861245A1, 3310-861448A1, 3310-864940A01, 3310-864942A01, 3310-864943A01, 3310-866140A02, 3310-866141A02, 3310-866142A02, 3310-866142, 3310-866143A03, 3310-815396, 815396, 3310-815397, 815397, 9563, 9564 3310-9670A2, 9670, 9565, 805924, 806077, 806080, 806972, 807312, 807504, 3310-807764, 807764, 3310-861245, 861245, 861448, 864940, 864942, 864943, 866140, 866141, 866142, 866143, 807312, 807504, 807764, 9562, 3310-964943A01, 964943, 33108-66140A02, 3310-86141A01, 86141, 1389-9670

Please match your carburetor number with the list provided. Using the application list above is no guarantee you will get the correct kit.

No return on opened kits.

There has been some confusion about how to measure the float level. The float used to have a small dimple on the tip of the float, which was used for the float level measurement. That dimple is generally missing. Simply use the tip of the toe as illustrated in the instruction sheet.

Cleaning - Soak all parts in a bucket of carburetor cleaner (any brand from parts store) for 24 hours, wash with hot water (remove all chemical). Blow out passages with compressed air. Run thin wire through all of the passage ways. Ethanol leaves residue in the passages that cleaners will not get out. Leave out any rubber part that isn't going to be replaced.

Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Mr.
This was my first carburetor rebuild. I bought the kit and suggested float. My repair manual and Mike's instructional videos enabled an easy DIY repair. Thanks.
Reviewed by: from Battle Ground, WA. on 7/22/2014
Rating Mercarb carb kit
By far the best rebuild kit available. My carb dripped fuel for two seasons, when I installed this kit, the flooding stopped just be sure and follow the instructions carefully are call Mike he's a great guy to work with.
Reviewed by: from springfield. on 7/9/2014
Rating K529 Mercarb kit
Kit worked flawless, Mike was very responsive with internet issues I had, Corrected the problem, even overnighted the correct parts for me, THANKS MIKE...... Great Company you are operating.
Reviewed by: from Texas. on 7/9/2014
The kit worked flawlessly. Note it does not come with the float and must be pruchased sperately at the same time in order to have a complete carb rebuild.
Reviewed by: from Fairfax, VA. on 6/21/2014
Rating king
All parts were in kit. Video made it easy. Boat runs great. Wish there was the same kind of site for the stern drive.
Reviewed by: from maine. on 6/17/2014
Rating Home
Great rebuild kit; all parts were in it and when I needed to call the supplier for clarification he was more than happy to answer and give advise. thanks
Reviewed by: from Canada; BC. on 6/14/2014
Rating Boater
The kit had everything you could need for a rebuild except a float which can be purchased separately. The packaging is very organized in separate pouches and the gaskets can cover different models of the Mercarb. The kit arrived quickly and we did the rebuild and the pontoon is back on the water!
Reviewed by: from San Antonio, Texas. on 5/24/2014
Rating Lt.
Mike's Carb receives a 5-STAR rating from me! His carb number search system quickly ID's the correct kit. He mailed the kit out the day I ordered it and I received it from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL in 2 days. Excellent training videos on "How To" for the first time DIY carb rebuilder like me. Best of all, He answered every one of my questions quickly via email as I rebuilt the carb. After installation, I turned the key and my Mercruiser ran like a scalded dog. The local repair guys wanted nearly $500. I did it for $55 with mike's help. THANKS MIKE!
Reviewed by: from South Florida. on 5/18/2014
Rating Don't be afraid!
This is a great rebuild kit, very helpful videos online to assist you. Thanks for the great service.
Reviewed by: from Safford, Az. . on 5/10/2014
Rating Dan
The kit was complete, followed the video on YouTube for the rebuild, started the boat up last weekend ran absolutely perfect. last boating season we were afraid to leave the dock boat wouldn’t idle and ran poorly, Im sure our worries are over now. can’t wait to get on the water. Get the brass float too.
Reviewed by: from oregon. on 3/26/2014
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