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Marvel Schebler Carburetor Kit
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Marvel Schebler Carburetor Kit

Part #: K5007
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Marvel Schebler agriculture basic kit. Fits only the carburetor numbers listed below. Contains 4" & 5" float bowl gasket, Viton tip needle & seat, throttle shaft packing, idle mixture screw, float pin & misc washers.

  • Made in USA
  • Flange Gasket Included
  • Instructions Included
  • Meets or Exceeds Manufactures Specifications
  • Our Great Service
We also have brass floats for this carburetor. There is the small bowl (4" bowl length) & the large bowl type (5" bowl length)

Does not include any choke packing for the few carburetors that use this type of choke.

Why buy from us?
Great service, fast & reasonable shipping, after the sale support. We have lots of technical information available including many free manuals and how to videos.
We ship daily and world wide.

Watch a video about this product.
Carburetor Numbers
  • Allis Chalmers
    Lift Trucks ACC20, ACC25, ACC30, ACC35, ACC55
    Tractors B, B-15, C, CA (Distillate), CA (Gas), D-14, D-14 (Distillate), D-14 (Gas)C D-15, H3, R, 1B, T-100, W, WC, WD, WF
    Service Carburetors
  • American Tractor Terratrac
    320, 500, 600
    Service Carburetors
  • Baker
    Service Carburetors
  • J.I. Case
    Balers NAP-2, Service Carburetors
    Combines 75, 75VA, 77, 110VA, Service Carburetors
    Power Units K, M, VA-124, Service Carburetors
    Tractors EXA-124, V, VA, VAB, VT3200, 440, 480, 600, 148VA, 200B, 300, 300B, 310, 320, 350, Service Carburetors
  • Clark
    Carloaders Clarkat "B", "C", Tructractor, Yardlift-20, Clipper, C300-40-50, Service Carburetors
  • Cockshutt Plow
    20, 30, 35, Service Carburetors
  • Continental
    Engines F124, F140, F145, F162, F163, F186, F209, F400, Y69, Y91, Y112, Y116 Series, Service Carburetors
  • John Deere
    Balers 223, Service Carburetors
    Combines 12A (Continental Eng. Y112), 25, 30 (EA926, HA926 Eng), 40, 45 (180G4H Eng), 55, 95 (303G5H, 303G32H Eng),  Service Carburetors
    Cotton Pickers 99, 299
    Farm Equipment (misc) 135G (Sprayer)
    Power Units LU, LUC, LUS, TB92G, Service Carburetors
    Tractors L VD, LA VD, LI VD, 300, 350, 400, 450, 461, 501, 561, 1010, 1020, 1520, 2020, 2500, 2510, 2520, Service Carburetors
  • Divco
    Um Series (truck), Service Carburetors
  • Duplex
  • Fairmont
    Railroad Maintenance Power Unit, Service Carburetors
  • Fate Root Heath
    Silver King, Service Carburetors
  • Ford
    Power Units Industrial, Service Carburetors
    Tractors NAA Golden Jubilee (Gas), 2N, 8N, 8NAN, 9N, 600, 600K (Distillate), 600 (Gas), 700, 700K, 800, 900, 134" eng. , Service Carburetors
    Lift Trucks 134" Eng., Service Carburetors
  • Gibson
    Tractor, Service Carburetors
  • Hercules
    Engines IXB, IXB-3, IXB-5, IXF-3, IXLB, Davey (125CFM Compressor), General Industrial & Generator, Service Carburetors
  • Hobart Brothers Company
    5KW Generator, Service Carburetors
  • Hollingsworth
    IXB (Herc eng.), PU-187
  • I.H.C International
    Tractor AB, C, F140, F-240, F-330, F-340, F-404, I-424, I-444, I-500 Crawler, T-340 Crawler, TC-5 Skidder, TS-5 Crawler, U-2, Super A
    Windrowers 201
  • Ingersoll Rand
    R-105 (Cont Eng. F162), G1600 (White Eng) Air Compressor
  • Intercontinental
    Continental F4-162
  • Jacques
    Power Saw, Service Carburetors
  • Jaeger
    F140, F162 Continental Eng. , 60 cu. ft. (F140 Cont eng.)
    Truckmixers F140, F162 Continental Eng.
  • Kohler
  • Leroi
    D140, D226, 105GI
  • Lincoln Electric
    F162, F-163, FJW, L-200, SA-200
  • Lunnenberg
  • Massey Ferguson
    Combines 3D, 21, 21A, 221, 60PT
    Cornpickers SP, Service Carburetors
    Engines F140, F162, F162-381
    Farm Equipment (misc) 21 Reaper Thrasher
    Tractors A-13, A-145, T0-20, T0-30, T0-35, 16, 20, 21, 30, 35, 40MH-50, 81, 82, 101J, 102J, Z-145, Service Carburetors
  • Minneapolis Moline
    Lift Trucks M-40
    Tractors B, BFH, BG, R-RT, RT, Z-13, Z-145, Z-335, Service Carburetors
  • National Farm
    F124 Continental Eng., Service Carburetors
  • Novo
    CA-33, CW-33, CW-95, CWR-47, CWR-66, CWR-133, DA-33
  • Oliver
    Combines 15, 35, Service Carburetors
    Engines Y91, Y91F-259, F162, F162F, F241 Continental Eng., IXA-3, IXB-3 (Hercules), Waukesha, Service Carburetors
    Farm Equipment 66, KD, Service Carburetors
    Tractors HG (Alcohol), IXB-3 Hercules (Alcohol), OC-3, OC-6HC, 30- 44 (Super), 55HC, 60HC, 60KD, 66HC, 66KD, 70HC, 77HC, 77KD, 99, 550
  • D. W. Onan
    Engines Continental Y91, CWC 4.5, Ford 4 Cyl. 10 EL, WC4-5, WC4.75
  • Pioneer Manufacturing Company
    Miscellaneous, Service Carburetors
  • Service Caster & Truck
    Lift Truck (F145 Continental Eng., Service Carburetors
  • Towmotor Corporation
    40, 44, 48 Lift Truck
  • Universal Motors
    LSG Industrial
  • Waukesha
    FC, FCU, FC-90, FC-260, XAH, XAHU, YC-40, 160, 180-GKB, 180-GL, 180-GLB, 180-GS
  • Wisconsin Motors

Please be sure to match your carburetor number with the list provided. While the application list is a guide it does not insure the correct carburetor kit. Many engines used more than 1 carburetor type and carburetor kits are not interchangeable.

Carburetor Numbers:


TSX13, TSX-13, TSX-28, TSX28, TSX-29, TSX29, TSX-30, TSX30, TSX-33, TSX33, TSX-34, TSX34, TSX-35, TSX35, TSX-36, TSX36, TSX-37, TSX37, TSX-38, TSX38, TSX-39, TSX39, TSX-42, TSX42, TSX-43, TSX43, TSX-44, TSX44, TSX-45, TSX45, TSX-48, TSX48, TSX-49, TSX49, TSX-54, TSX54, TSX-55, TSX55, TSX-58, TSX58, TSX-59, TSX59, TSX-60, TSX-69, TSX69, TSX-74, TSX74, TSX-76, TSX76, TSX-78, TSX78, TSX-79, TSX-80, TSX80, TSX83, TSX-83, TSX-85, TSX-88, TSX88, TSX-89, TSX89, TSX-90, TSX90, TSX-91, TSX91, TSX94, TSX-94, TSX-95, TSX95 TSX-95A TSX-96, TSX96, TSX-98, TSX98, TSX-101 TSX101 TSX-102 TSX102 TSX-103, TSX103, TSX-112, TSX112, TSX-113, TSX113, TSX-114, TSX114, TSX-119, TSX119, TSX-120, TSX120, TSX-126 TSX126 TSX-128, TSX128, TSX-13, TSX13, TSX-132, TSX132, TSX-132A, TSX132A, TSX-133, TSX133, TSX-134, TSX134, TSX-136, TSX136, TSX-137, TSX137, TSX-138, TSX138, TSX-140, TSX140, TSX-141, TSX141, TSX-142, TSX142, TSX-144, TSX144, TSX-146, TSX146, TSX-147 TSX147 TSX-148 TSX148 TSX-150 TSX150 TSX-151 TSX151 TSX-154, TSX154, TSX-155, TSX155, TSX-156, TSX156, TSX-157, TSX157, TSX-159, TSX159, TSX-161, TSX161, TSX-167, TSX167, TSX-171, TSX171, TSX-173, TSX173, TSX-179, TSX179, TSX-180, TSX180, TSX-182, TSX182, TSX-183, TSX183, TSX-184, TSX184, TSX-186, TSX186, TSX-188, TSX188, TSX-189, TSX189, TSX-190, TSX190, TSX-191, TSX191, TSX-192, TSX192, TSX-193, TSX193, TSX-194, TSX194, TSX-197, TSX197, TSX-198, TSX198, TSX-202, TSX202 TSX-206, TSX206, TSX-206-1, TSX-211, TSX211, TSX-212, TSX212, TSX-225, TSX225, TSX-228, TSX228, TSX-231, TSX231, TSX-237, TSX237, TSX-239, TSX239, TSX-239-1, TSX-240, TSX240, TSX-241A, TSX241, TSX-241B, TSX-241C, TSX-246, TSX246, TSX-248, TSX248, TSX-253, TSX253, TSX-254, TSX254, TSX-258, TSX258, TSX-260, TSX260, TSX-264, TSX264, TSX-266, TSX266, TSX-267, TSX267, TSX-269, TSX269, TSX-272, TSX272, TSX-274, TSX274, TSX-278, TSX278, TSX-280, TSX280, TSX-286, TSX286, TSX-287, TSX287, TSX-288, TSX288 TSX-289, TSX289, TSX-290, TSX290, TSX-297, TSX297, TSX-301, TSX301, TSX305, TSX-305, TSX-306, TSX306, TSX-308, TSX308, TSX-309, TSX309, TSX-312, TSX312, TSX-314 TSX314, TSX-315, TSX315, TSX-319, TSX319, TSX-322, TSX322, TSX-323 TSX323 TSX-326 TSX326 TSX-328, TSX328, TSX-330, TSX330, TSX-331, TSX331, TSX-333, TSX333, TSX-334, TSX334, TSX-335, TSX335, TSX-338, TSX338, TSX-339, TSX339, TSX-341, TSX341, TSX-346, TSX346, TSX-347, TSX347, TSX-348, TSX348, TSX-351, TSX351, TSX-352, TSX-352, TSX-356, TSX356, TSX-357,TSX357, TSX-358, TSX358, TSX-359,TSX359, TSX-361, TSX361, TSX-361A TSX-363, TSX363, TSX-366 TSX-367, TSX367, TSX-368, TSX368, TSX-370, TSX370, TSX370-1 TSX-377, TSX377, TSX380, TSX380, TSX-388, TSX388, TSX-391, TSX391, TSX398, TSX398, TSX-400, TSX400, TSX-403, TSX403, TSX-405, TSX405, TSX-406, TSX406, TSX-407, TSX407, TSX-409, TSX409, TSX-418, TSX418, TSX-419, TSX419, TSX-420, TSX420, TSX-421, TSX421, TSX-422,TSX422, TSX-423, TSX423, TSX-428, TSX428, TSX-443, TSX443, TSX-447, TSX447, TSX-448, TSX448, TSX-450, TSX450,  TSX-453, TSX453, TSX-455, TSX455, TSX-458, TSX458, TSX-459, TSX459, TSX-465, TSX465, TSX-470, TSX470, TSX-472, TSX472, TSX-474, TSX474, TSX-480, TSX480, TSX-481, TSX481, TSX-484, TSX484, TSX-486, TSX486, TSX-497, TSX497, TSX-500, TSX500, TSX-507, TSX507, TSX-510, TSX510, TSX-513, TSX513, TSX-514, TSX514, TSX-516, TSX516, TSX-518, TSX518, TSX-520, TSX520, TSX-525, TSX525, TSX-531, TSX531, TSX-532, TSX532, TSX-534, TSX534, TSX-539, TSX539, TSX-541, TSX541, TSX-551, TSX551, TSX-552, TSX552, TSX-556, TSX556, TSX-558, TSX558, TSX-560, TSX560, TSX-567, TSX567, TSX-569, TSX569, TSX-570, TSX570, TSX-573, TSX573, TSX-577, TSX577, TSX-580, TSX580, TSX-589, TSX589, TSX-593, TSX593, TSX-595, TSX595, TSX-597, TSX597, TSX-603, TSX-605, TSX-606, TSX-611, TSX-614, TSX-618, TSX-626, tsx626 TSX-635, tsx635, TSX-646, TSX-649, TSX649, SX-649-1 TSX-650, TSX650, TSX-653, TSX653, TSX-655, TSX655, TSX-656, TSX656, TSX-660, TSX660, TSX-663, TSX663, TSX-665, TSX665, TSX-668, TSX668, TSX-670 TSX670, TSX-671, TSX671, TSX-676, TSX676, TSX-680, TSX680, TSX-681, TSX681, TSX-683, TSX683, TSX-690, TSX690, TSX-691, TSX691, TSX-692, TSX692, TSX-694, TSX694, TSX-696, TSX696, TSX-701, TSX701, TSX-706, TSX706, TSX-709, TSX709, TSX-710, TSX710, TSX-714, TSX714, TSX-730, TSX730, TSX-736, TSX736, TSX-742, TSX742, TSX-744, TSX744, TSX-748, TSX748, TSX-753, TSX753, TSX-762, TSX762, TSX-765, TSX765, TSX-767, TSX767, TSX-770, TSX770, TSX-771, TSX771, TSX-776, TSX776, TSX-776-1 TSX-781, TSX781, TSX-787, TSX787, TSX-793, TSX793, TSX-796, TSX796, TSX-802, TSX802, TSX-803, TSX803, TSX-804, TSX804, TSX-809, TSX809, TSX-812, TSX812, TSX-815, TSX815, TSX-818, TSX818, TSX-820, TSX820, TSX-826, TSX826, TSX-827, TSX827, TSXU828, TSXU-828, TSX829, TSX-829, TSXU829, TSXU-829, TSXU830, TSXU-830, TSXU831, TSXU-831, TSX832, TSX-832, TSXU-832, TSXU832, TSXU833, TSXU-833, TSXU834, TSXU-834, TSXY836, TSXU-836, TSX-841, TSX841, TSX-844, TSX844, TSX-851, TSX851, TSX-860, TSX860, TSX-862, TSX862, TSX-865, TSX865, TSX-866, TSX866, TSX-879, TSX879, TSX-882, TSX882, TSX-883, TSX883, TSX-885, TSX885, TSX-888, TSX888, TSX-894, TSX894, TSX-895, TSX895, TSX-896, TSX896, TSX-896SL TSX-898, TSX898, TSX-904, TSX904, TSX-904SL TSX-905, TSX905, TSX-905-1 TSX-905-1, TSX905SL, TSX-905SL,  TSX-906, TSX906, TSX-906SL TSX907, TSX-907 TSX-907SL TSX-908, TSX908, TSX-908SL TSX-912, TSX912, TSX-913, TSX913, TSX-914, TSX914, TSX-919, TSX919, TSX-920, TSX920, TSX-920SL, TSX920, TSX-920, TSX920SL, TSX-920SL, TSX921, TSX-921, TSX921SL, TSX-921SL, TSX922, TSX-922, TSX922SL, TSX-922SL, TSX923, TSX-923, TSX923SL, TSX-923SL, TSX926, TSX-926, TSX930, TSX-930, TSX931, TSX-931, TSX936, TSX-936, TSX936SL, TSX-936SL, TSX937, TSX-937, TSX937SL, TSX-937SL, TSX938SL, TSX-938SL, TSX941SL, TSX-941SL, TSX944SL, TSX-944SL, TSX945SL, TSX-945SL, TSX-948, TSX948, TSX949, TSX-949, TSX954, TSX-954, TSX957, TSX-957, TSX957SL, TSX-957SL, TSX971, TSX-971, TSX976, TSX-976, TSX978, TSX-978, TSX979, TSX-979, TSX979-1, TSX-979-1, TSX983, TSX-983, TSX986, TSX-986, TSX-990, TSX990, TSX991, TSX-991, TSX991-1, TSX-991-1, TSZ-206, TSZ-206-1, TSZ-398, TSX957, TSX957, TSX957SL, TSX-957SL, TSX978, TSX-978, TSX979, TSX-979, TSX979-1, TSX-979-1, TSX987, TSX-987, TSX996, TSX-996, TSX1003, TSX1004SL, TSX-1004SL

2N-9510, ONY-9510, EAF-D
7G-10057, 7G-11140, 7G-11160, 7G-11175
8N-9510, 8NAN,9510
10A-1320, 10A-2944, 10A-8338, 10A-11451
14CW-10, 15CW-10, 16CW-10, 17CW,10, 18CW-10
142-18, 142C-321
4063, 4064, 4137, 4900
117834, 1514321
450426-G, 450462-G
51016, 51050, 5150C, 51051A, 51051B, 51051A, 51065, 51066, 51067A, 51067B, 51067C, 51068, 51068A, 51085
76690, 76690-B
A-28632, A-38240, A-38241, A-38242, A-38243, A-38971, A-45779
ACO-6193, AC0-8806, AC0-8806-A
AL-2283-T, AL-2630-T, AL-2848-T, AL-2849-T, AL-2850-T, AL-2851-T, AL-2958-T, AL-20225-T, AL-20290-T
AT-191-T, AT-11963-T, AT-120903, AT-120903-T, AT-12743, AT-12743-T, AT-16332-T, AT-18036-T, AT-20225-T, AT-20290-T, AT-21411, AT-21411-T, AT-21729, AT-21784, AT-21785, AT-21786, AT-21848, AT-22994, AT-23000, AT-23132, AT-23264, AT-23264-T, AT-23316, AT-26120-T, AT-28893-T, AT-29295, AT-29427, AT-505-T
C-116911, C-117144
EE-733, EE-733-A
HS-393, HS-393-A, HS-393-B
L-49-A, L-49-B, L-49-C, L-64-A, L-64-F
LZ-49-C, LZ-64-6, LZ-64-E-1
MS-393, MS-393-A

6195-A, 6307-A, 6371-A, 6401-A, 6683-A, 6684-A, 194064-M92,
A20M37, A240M31, A240M34

CB8F-500, CL-713-3

VTA-976, VTA-4714, VT-4121, VT-2072, VT-2475, VT-3593, VT-4062
35A-5135, 40-2060059, 84-553, 84-553-4, 84-553-5, 84-533-7, 84-533-11, 11050, 11057, 120320, 135119, 214-301-M1, 2339967, 236611-C, 236616-C, 236618, 265002-A, 28695-CS, 310746, 312778, 312954, 352047-R91, 352048-R91, 352688-R91, 352689-R91, 372983-R91, 372984-R91, 372985-R91, 372985-R92, 38615-CS, 38645-CS, 38658-CS, 38662-CS, 38666-CS, 389596-R91, 389596-R92, 389683-R94, 39528-CS, 396478-R91, 397341-R91, 404120-R91, 404140-R91, 617403, 617404, 617405, 6307-A, 6401-A, 669520, 69401-D, 69402-D, 69403-D, 69404-D, 700-846-M91

F124F-212, F124F-215, F124F-217, F124F-218, F124F-226, F124F-407, F124F-409, F124F-417, F124F-419, F140F-275, F140F-403, F140F-404, F140F-407, F140F-408, F140F-409, F140F-410, F140F-413, F140F-415, F140F-416, F140F-417, F140F-420, F140F-422, F145F-400, F145F-401, F162F-149, F162F-239, F162F-241, F162F-242, F162F-249, F162F-255, F162F-273, F162F-278, F162F-286, F162F-327, F162F-331, F162F-332, F162F-334, F162F-345, F162F-348, F162F-365, F162F-381, F162F-410, F162F-417, F162F-418, F162F-419, F162F-422, F162F-449, F162F-452, F162F-455, F162F-460, F162F-463, F162F-465, F162F-472, F186F-401, F209F-210, F400F-275

G-11150, G-11151, G-10057, , G-11090, G-45160, G-45779



HS-11751, HS-12075

M-12484-1, M-12484-2, M-12484-3



S9239, S9790

TO-7013, TO-12049, TO-12049-B, TO-13124

Y69F-264, Y69F-404, Y69F-409, Y69F-411, Y69F-419, Y91F-252, Y91F-259, Y91F-403, Y91F-404, Y112F-218, Y112F-255, Y112F-315, Y112F-324, Y112F-400, Y112F-406, Y116F-401, Y116F-404, Y116F-409

No return on opened kits.
Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Carb kits
Great kit! It shipped super fast and the youtube videos are a great help. I've purchased several kits from Mike's. The only place for your carburetor needs.
Reviewed by: from Lapwai, ID. on 10/20/2014
Rating Excellent kit
This kit worked great! It was shipped quickly too.
Reviewed by: from Michigan. on 10/16/2014
Rating Consultant
It took me Avery long time to locate the proper gaskets and washers for my rebuild. The carb had been sitting for twenty years and all of the old gaskets were dissolved. I would recommend that in the exploded view you should tag each part in the kit in red, and provide a dimension of the gasket or seal.
Reviewed by: from Alabama. on 10/16/2014
Rating Ancient one
Very fast response, item was shipped within hours of order receipt. Very informative website. Excellent quality of parts and good instructions. Very satisfied. No problem with starting or running engine after the kit was installed.
Reviewed by: from Hartford,WI. on 9/30/2014
Rating K5007 Kit
This is the second time that I have ordered these kits. They are very satisfactory in terms of all the needs to completely rebuild my carburetors. Service is great, shipping is very prompt. Questions are answered quickly. Will do business with again
Reviewed by: from Iowa. on 8/27/2014
Rating bobcat
Shipped fast. Good parts. Engine runs now.
Reviewed by: from Cal. on 8/11/2014
Rating Serious Hobby Farmer
The kit looks great...the gaskets are dark...the jets are goldish..the springs are springy...Hopefully it installs fine as well....if I ever get a chance to work on it. Like the videos the most on youtube...helpful.
Reviewed by: from Stickney SD. on 8/5/2014
Rating Good Stuff
Great kit and great service
Reviewed by: from Fl.. on 7/26/2014
Rating mr
kit worked perfectly.
Reviewed by: from pa. on 6/10/2014
Rating Mr.
This is a very good kit. It has extra parts in it that you cannot find in the store-bought kits offered at places like Fleet-Farm and TSC. Two of these are the brass stop and bushing for the main air intake. It also has instructions and a paper square that are indispensable for doing the rebuild. I laminated my instructions for future use as I seem to always have carb problems with my Fords.
Reviewed by: from Hastings, MN. on 5/27/2014
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