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Holley 5200C 2 Barrel Carburetor Kit

Holley 5200C 2 Barrel Carburetor Kit

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Part Number:K4401
Holley 2 barrel 5200C carburetor kit for Ford & Mercury, 4 & 6 cylinder engines.

  • Made in USA
  • Instructions & Specifications Included
  • Includes Flange Gasket
  • Meets or Exceeds Manufactures Specifications

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  • Ford & Mercury
    1982-80 140" 2.3L (Exc Calif) (Inc Repl Carbs)
    1982-80 140" 2.3L
    1981-77 140" 2.3L H-2 5200C (Inc Repl Carbs)
    1979 140" 2.3L M/T (Exc Calif)
    1978-77 140" 2.3L (Inc Repl Carbs)
    1976 140" 2.3L (Repl Carbs)
    1976-74 122" 2.0L, 140" 2.3L (Inc Repl Carbs)
    1974-71 122" 2.0L, 140" 2.3L (Inc Repl Carbs)
    1976 159" 2.6L (Swedish)
    1974 171" 2.8L
    1973-72 159" 2.6L
Please be sure to match your carburetor number with the list provided. While the application list is a guide it does not insure the correct carburetor kit.

Carburetor Numbers:
E0EE-AEA E0EE-AEB E0EE-AFA E0EE-AFB E0EE-GA E0EE-JA E0EE-JB E0EE-JC E0EE-RA E0EE-RB E0EE-TA E0EE-TB E0EE-TC E0PE-ARA E0PE-ASA E0PE-AVA E0PE-BBA E0PE-BCA E0PE-BDA E0ZE-AAA E0ZE-ACA E0ZE-ACB E0ZE-ACC E0ZE-ACD E0ZE-ATA E0ZE-ATB E0ZE-ATC E0ZE-AZA E1BE-MA E1BE-NA E1BE-RA E1ZE-ACA E1ZE-ADA E1ZE-ADB E1ZE-VA E1ZE-YA E2ZE-AAA E2ZE-ABA E2ZE-AFA E2ZE-AGA E2ZE-AHA R-50051A R-50052A R-50052AAS R-50054AAS R-50055AAS R-50056AAS R-50058AAS R-50194A R-50195A R-50271A R-50324A R-50327A R-8757-1A R-8757A R-8941A R-8942-1A R-8942-2A R-8942-2AAS R-8942A R-8942AAS R-8943A R-8944-1A R-8944-2A R-8944-2AAS R-8944A R-8944AAS R-8945A R-8956-1A R-8956-2A R-8956-2AAS R-8956-3A R-8956A R-8956AAS R-8957A R-8957AAS R-8959A R-9012-1A R-9012A R-9014-1A R-9014A R-9180-1A R-9180-2A R-9180A R-9180AAS R-9181A R-9181AAS R-9335A R-9337A R-9345A R-9350A R-9352A R-9354A R-9356A R-9564A R-9581-1A R-9581A R-9775A R-9778A R-9779A R-9812A R-9814A R-9999AAA

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