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Holley 4180 4190 Carburetor Repair Kit
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Holley 4180 4190 Carburetor Repair Kit

Part #: K464
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Carburetor kit. Holley 4180/4190 including governor types.

  • Includes Throttle Shaft Teflon Bushings
  • Thick Flange Gasket
  • Secondary Diaphragm Included
  • Instructions Included
  • Ford Truck
    1991-88 429" 7.0L H-4 4190EG
    1987-79 370" 6.1L, 419" 7.0L H-4 4180EG, 4190EG
    1982-79 460" 7.5L (Exc Calif) H-4 4180C
    1979 460" 7.5L A/T H-4 4180C

Please be sure your carburetor number is on this list. Buying by application assumes your engine has the same carburetor as when the engine was new.

    The product picture illustrates the exact parts included.
    These are high quality parts. Don't trust your carburetor rebuild on anything less.
    You will find our shipping is very reasonable and fast and we ship 5 days a week. Ships within 24 hours.
    We are famous for our great service before and after the sale.

Carburetor numbers:
D9TE-ACC, D9TE-AEA, D9TE-AGA, D9TE-AHC, D9TE-AHD, D9TE-AHE, D9TE-AYA, D9TE-AYB, D9TE-AZA, D9TE-BKA, D9TE-EBA, D9TE-ETA, D9TE-EUA, E0TE-JA, E0TE-MA, E0TE-RA, E0TE-SA, E1UE-RA, E2TE-AHA, E2TE-AJA, E2TE-AKA, E2TE-CMA, E2TE-CNA, E2TE-CPA, E2TE-CRA, E2TE-CSA, E2TE-CTA, E2TE-CUA, E2TE-CVA, E2TE-VA, E3HE-AA, E3HE-BA, E3HE-CA, E3HE-DA, E5HE-CA, E5HE-KA, E5HE-UA, E5HE-VA, E5HE-WA, E5HE-XA, E5HE-YA, E5HE-ZA, E8HE-AA, R-8272-1A, R-8272A, R-8273-1A, R-8273-2A, R-8273A, R-8274A, R-8343A, R-8346A, R-8347A, R-8635A, R-8802A, R-8822A, R-8824A, R-8826A, R-8828A, R-8922A, R-8923A, R-8924A, R-9089A, R-9138A, R-9139A, R-9640A, R-9641A, R-9642, R-9642A, R-9643A, R-9874A, R-9910A, R-9911A, R-9912A, R-9913A, R-9914-1A, R-9914-1AAS, R-9914A, R-9915-1A, R-9915-1AAS, R-9915A, R-9916-1A, R-9916-1AAS, R-9916A, R-9917-1A, R-9917-1AAS, R-9917A, R-50068A, R-50070A, R-50255A, R-50256A, R-50333, R-50333A, R-50334, R-50334A, R-50335, R-50335A, R-50336, R-50336A, R-50337, R-50337A, R-50338, R-50338A, R-50460A

List 8272, 8273, 8274, 8343, 8346, 8347, 8635, 8802, 8822, 8824, 8826, 8828, 8922, 8923, 8924, 9089, 9138, 9139, 9640, 9641, 9642, 9643, 9874, 9910, 9911, 9912, 9913, 9914, 9915, 9916, 9917, 50068, 50070, 50255, 50256, 50333, 50334, 50335, 50336, 50337, 50338, 50460
No returns on opened kits.
Customer Reviews
Rating Holley Repair Kit
This kit is EVERY THING INCLUDED. Every gasket and seal needed in this carburetor is included. Thank You for a great product.
Reviewed by: from California. on 6/17/2013
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