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Holley 1904 1 Barrel Carburetor Kit
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Holley 1904 1 Barrel Carburetor Kit

Part #: K4129
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Holley 1 barrel carburetor kit. 1904. You can't buy a better carburetor kit than this one. Better fitting, more complete. We have kits for all of the 1904 carburetors. Match your carburetor number and you get the correct carburetor kit, otherwise it is a guess. See all Holley 1904 parts, including our other 1904 kits.

  • New Made in USA
  • Includes Flange Gasket (choice depending on application)
  • Throttle body gasket
  • Instruction sheet - exploded view, parts list
  • Float bowl gasket
  • Accelerator pump diaphragm
  • Economizer diaphragm
  • Needle & seat w/viton tip
Watch a video about this carburetor kit:
Where to find your carburetor number. R- will not be stamped. Look for the LIST (4 digits). Any number or letter after the LIST can be significant.
1950-53 International
w/Holley 1 bbl carb 841A

152" 2.5L, 196" 3.2L

220", BG-220"
No return on opened kits.
Carburetor Numbers

Please be sure to match your carburetor number.


841, 842, 900, 930, 962, 1218, 1238, 1313, 1323, 1324, * 1420,  * 2352, * 2445, 2494, 2710, * 3478, 3479, 3499, 3716, 3842, 3861, 3862, 4171, 4711, 7493

* Exception List 1420-1A, 2352-1A, 2352-1AAS, 1420A, 2445-1A, 3478, 3478-1A, 3478-1AAS will use this kit. 1420-2A, 1420-2AA, 2352A, 2445A, 3488A will use K421.
This carburetor kit includes this accelerator pump diaphragm:

Carburetor Numbers
D0JJ-B, R-1218, R-1218A, R-1238-1A, R-1238-1AAS, R-1238A, R-1238AA, R-1313, R-1313A, R-1323, R-1323A, R-1324, R-1324A, R-1420-1A, R-1420A, R-1421-1A, R-1421-2A, R-1421-3A, R-1421, R-1421A, R-2352-1A, R-2352-1AAS, R-2445-1A, R-2445-2A, R-2445-2AAS, R-2494, R-2494A, R-2494AAS, R-2710, R-2710A, R-3478, R-3478-1A, R-3478-1AAS, R-3479-1A, R-3479-1AAS, R-3479A, R-3499, R-3499A, R-3499AAS, R-3716, R-3716A, R-3716AAS, R-3842, R-3842A, R-3842AAS, R-3861, R-3861A, R-3862, R-3862A, R-3862AAS, R-4171, R-4171A, R-4171AAS, R-4711, R-4711A, R-7493, R-7493A, R-841-1A, R-841A, R-841A-1A, R-842-1A, R-842A
Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Shade Tree Mechanic
The kit had everything needed to rebuild the carb for my 65 I.H. Scout. The on-line video was particularly helpful and allowed me to do the rebuild step by step without guessing.
Reviewed by: from Circleville, Ohio. on 10/8/2014
Rating Holley 1904 rebuild
Fantastic! Exactly the right kit, after having other retailers recommend the wrong kit. Mike's is tremendous in its knowledge of old Holley's. Other retailers did not even know the right place to look for the carb number. I have a 1956 IHC dumptruck and was having a very difficult time until I came across Mike and his videos and website. Fantastic - thanks for all the help!
Reviewed by: from Colorado. on 8/18/2014
Rating 1904
The kit was good quality and everything went where it belonged. I really like looking at the videos on youtube as they helped a great deal.
Reviewed by: from Spokane, WA. on 6/27/2014
Rating 1 barrel carb kit
Rebuild kit shipped fast! Also one of the only places I could find who made the stuff here in the US!! If that's not a selling point I don't know what is!!
Reviewed by: from Georgia. on 4/18/2014
This man is all about his customers an is the best at what he does by far! Though my carburetor list number was listed in this kits fitment reference list, the accelerator pump in mine had the long shaft rather than the short one included in this kit. Was surprised that when I called the support number that I actually spoke with the man himself. Super nice guy and very helpful, he had the correct pump in the mail to me right away! Even better was his 4 part Video collection on YouTube for the disassembly and rebuild of this exact carb, it was a great reference and a testament to his dedication to what he does. Old Tank never ran so good. Thanks Mike!
Reviewed by: from Williston ND. on 3/30/2014
Rating Weekend warrior
Very happy with parts but more pleased and grateful for the videos and thorough explanation and how to's Thanks much My'57 international s-110 pickup thanks you too
Reviewed by: from Indiana . on 3/18/2014
Rating Great support
I was impressed with the quality for the kit. The videos were also helpful. The best part was the follow-up support that Mike gives. My engine went from won't start to purring! Thanks so much!
Reviewed by: from Flagler, FL. on 3/10/2014
Rating Service
I can't say enough how happy I am with Mike. Carb list number on this kit matched mine. After measuring the pump I found mine not a match. Icalled Mike and he sent part I needed. Super fast. Carb on truck today and its running better than ever. Thank You so very much. I will reorder kit and rebuild carb I took off so I have a spare. Many thanks again.
Reviewed by: from Jupiter . on 12/2/2013
Rating Business
Kit worked and had all the parts exactly like they said it did. Mike's is a great place
Reviewed by: from Indiana. on 4/8/2013
Rating Excellent kit
The kit was excellent it had all the pieces that I needed, the shipping was extremely fast and the carburetor worked great.
Reviewed by: from Nowhere. on 4/5/2013
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