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Part #: PK105
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Carter YF, 1 barrel carburetor downdraft rebuild kit. Premium kit. This is a new kit, currently being produced in the US. Designed for today's fuel. Correct for the carburetor numbers listed below only. If you can match your carburetor number, then you have a good match.

  • Made in USA
  • Flange Gasket Included
  • Float Bowl Gasket
  • Throttle Body Gasket
  • Accelerator Pump Diaphragm
  • New Float
  • New Check Weight
  • New Screws & Washers
  • Pump Return Spring Included
  • Metering Rod Spring Included
  • Seat Strainer Included
  • Throttle & Choke Shaft Screws Included
  • Instructions Included
  • Also included is an extra float needle to fit the rare carburetor that requires the shorter needle. Exclusive to our kit.

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Why buy from us?
Great service, fast & reasonable shipping, after the sale support. We have lots of technical information available including many free manuals and how to videos.
We ship daily and world wide.
  • American Motors
  • Chevrolet
    1962-32 216" 3.5L, 235" 3.9L (Inc Repl Carb)
  • Chevrolet GMC Truck
    1962-37 216" 3.5L, 235" 3.9L (Repl Carbs)
  • IHC International
    1953-50 R-180", R-184", SD-240"
  • Jeep
    1970-66 134" 2.2L Ind Power
    1967-50 4-73, 4-75, F4-134, FC-150, 134, 134-2
    1967-52 226", 6-85, L6-226
  • Kaiser Frazer
    Industrial Power Unit 134" Eng.
  • Nash
    1955-54 Statesman
Please be sure to match your carburetor number with the list provided. While the application list is a guide it does not insure the correct carburetor kit. Many engines used more than 1 carburetor type and carburetor kits are not interchangeable.

Carburetor Numbers:

For the purpose of this kit, S, SA & SD are treated as the same.

736, 736S, 736SA, 738, 738S, 738SA, 741, 741S, 741SA, 756, 756S, 756SA, 768, 768S, 768SA, 787, 787S, 787SA, 788, 788S, 788SA, 789, 789S, 789SA, 814, 814S, 814SA, 820, 820S, 820SA, 832, 832S, 832SA, 833, 833S, 833SA, 879, 879S, 879SA, 924, 924S, 924SA 938, 938S, 938SA 951, 951S, 951SA, 964, 964S, 964SA, 965, 965S, 965SA, 966, 966S, 966SA 967, 967S, 967SA, 2008, 2008S, 2008SA, 2046, 20465S, 2046SA, 2071, 2071S, 2071SA, 2094, 2094S, 2094SA 2100, 2100S, 2100SA 2101, 2101S, 2101SA, 2163, 2163S, 2163SA, 2258, 2258S, 2258SA, 2392, 2392S, 2392SA, 2428, 2428S, 2428SA, 2467, 2467S, 2467SA, 2756, 2756S, 2756SA, 3002, 3002S, 3002SA, 3200, 3200S, 3200SA, 3211, 3211S, 3211SA 4210, 4210S, 4210SA

No return on opened kits.

YF Carburetor Number
Customer Reviews
Rating Wife
My husband is very happy to get his 64 cj5 running. Your kit had just what he needed. Thank you
Reviewed by: from Saint Helen michigan. on 9/5/2014
Rating Mr.
The Carburetor Kit we got for our 1957 Jeep worked great. Very satisfied. We look forward to dealing with Mike's in the future. Thanks.
Reviewed by: from United states of america. on 7/12/2014
Rating Carburetor Parts
Very happy with the product. I dropped the float needle and couldn't find it, so the extra float needle came in handy, I had to grind it down but it worked great on my 1940 GMC Truck.
Reviewed by: from kingsford mi. on 5/25/2014
Rating Premium carb cit fit the bill!
Other than the float there is little to make this a 'Premium' kit. So unless you KNOW you need a new float, just get the regular kit. It would have been nice to get new passage seals, since this is billed as a 'PREMUIM' kit... but all it really means is you get the float. Instructions were OK, but generic and covered dozens of carbs.. so just make sure that you use the right settings.
Reviewed by: from Pennsylvania. on 5/22/2014
Rating Carter YF Premium Rebuild Kit
The kit is awesome. Truly the most complete kit I have seen. I used it on a 2100S that I am running on a 1953 216. I first used another kit that did not come with the 3rd needle,the float, or a little metering rod spring! Let alone all the new hardware that comes in this kit. Needless to say getting this kit and using the correct pieces from it for my carb, solved my problem(carb spitting fuel). The kit was perfect. Shipped super fast. Ordered Sunday, Shipped Monday. Received tracking info in a.m. I got it Wed, via USPS, which I love. Truck was running a lil after noon. Extremely Happy with the kit and the service from Mikes. Thanks!!
Reviewed by: from San Diego. on 2/23/2014
Rating car ower
Kit is great but I have fuel leak around pump diaphragm housing or pump diaphragm. any info. thank you George
Reviewed by: from 2253 pleasant grove rd hendersonville N.C. on 1/26/2014
Rating Excellent Kit, Great Service!
This is our first time purchasing from Mike's- I'm sure it won't be the last. The carb kit was complete and of excellent quality. Shipping was extremely fast and reasonably priced. Thanks!
Reviewed by: from Buffalo NY. on 10/1/2013
Rating Yes
Other then the float not being correct, super happy with the kit, The quick shipping. Will gladly buy from again. Thanks I am now driving my '47 CJ2A around. (Yes I know this kit is not for a stock '47 Willys but mine is a Frankenstein of years. '41 Americar block, GPW head, '50's Carb....)
Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 8/25/2013
Rating YF938SD
I was pleased with the items in the kit and the quick helpful reply to my question. I have several YF938SD carburetors for a 1965 CJ5 Jeep with a 4-cylinder F head Hurricane engine (F-134). The float included in the kit did not fit any of my carburetors. The part of the "arm" on the float that depresses the spring-loaded needle valve is too long (too far away from the brass floa). You may want to double check this although I know you have rebuilt 1000's of carburetors
Reviewed by: from Alexandria, AL. on 8/1/2013
Rating JEsse
Kit worked well. Everything was there.
Reviewed by: from North Dakota. on 5/31/2013
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